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    Man o man.
    Can't contribute productively on exact topic.

    BUT I'm spending almost as much time per week tracking down substitutions for out of stock items as I do cooking. Carryout items? Took me 2 weeks just to get stupid 2 oz souffle cups. I'm dying for large foam cups. And mentioned earlier... chicken tenders... I'm not getting stocked out I'm getting assaulted! Double the price from a year ago.

    My vendors are getting shorted. They'll have a delivery date for an item.... then the truck will show up without it. Then my delivery will show up shorted. No warning.

    Talk about flying by the seat of my pants. I gave up months ago trying to plan features ahead of time. I'm lucky to know today what tomorrow's feature will be. I usually just make it up AS I pull it together.
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    The current Aguilar delay I'm experiencing is a first world problem... for me, not for them.

    I have my "other" bass at the shop waiting for a new preamp to arrive from Aguilar so they can drop it in there. It's been about two months. Apparently Aguilar had the preamp in stock, but they were waiting for more of their boxes to come in so that they could ship mine. Now it's in the back of the line at the shop - it's a long line :wideyed:

    Had I known that earlier, I would have maybe zipped a permission slip off to them to just mail it to me in some bubble wrap!!
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