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  1. does anyone know of any service that will ship from europe to north amercia that isn't $400-500?

    i'm tring to ship a 16kg box, and all the quotes i get are up in that range... there must be a cheaper way... anyone?
  2. remo


    Jan 15, 2005
    ship it with the neck of the body.. and put it in a box. This usually makes it within the size restrictions for normal air mail through your postal system.
  3. it's not a bass... the box is only about 24inx24inx18i
  4. When i did this - there are options.

    Fast (with tracking - a MUST btw) - lotsa dollars
    or Snail Mail (without tracking - buy at your peril from dodgy sellers).

    The snail mail (sea container) option is risky, but cheap. Problem is you'd end up with no tracking number - therefore no proof that the seller actually sent it. Be very careful here.
    I had a seller rip me off with this method - till I called the police - then he hurridly sent it to me through Airmail no less. Apparantly his eBay persona is now removed........
    I'd take the Faster option - even if it does cost ya. Question is - is it really worth it?