Shipping to Canada - sales taxes - import fees - broker fees?

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  1. I am working with someone to ship a bass to Saskatchawan, Canada. I cannot find info online on anything past shipping cost (about $40-$50 UPS). I'm seeing that Canadian citizens must pay sales tax and custom charges but I cannot find out how much of either. I'm going to guess that Bass Central ships bases to Canada. Or do you? Sale price on my bass is $900US.
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    Canadians must pay 5% Goods and Sales Tax, plus the applicable provincial sales tax (Saskatchewan is an additional 5%). There is no duty on products made in the USA ( free trade agreement). Be careful who you ship with. The courier companies extort large brokerage fees out of the buyer - if you can, ship through UPSP - no brokerage fees.
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    USPS is the way to go or you'll most likely get nailed with a $75CAD or so brokerage fee....the bastards.
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    USPS all the way, once it crosses the border it's Canada Post usually who delivers. UPS and FEDEX wiill charge you a brokerage fee...their charge for doing the customs stuff...and it can really make you sick to see how high that can be. Especially on a high ticket item. On a 900$ US bass, you'll pay the GST/HST on the 1150CDN or so, and then USPS charges 5-10$ to process. UPS or Fedex can be well over 100$. SOME places have arrangements with UPS etc where you don't get that, but I can't say BassCentral would be one.