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  1. bebass

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    Sep 3, 2006
    Bolivar, Missouri
    Authorized dealer for Bergantino, Dingwall, Genzler, Phil Jones Bass, Cort, Traynor
    We are pleased to offer either free shipping or a store coupon for all talkbass members! On some items we offer free shipping AND applying the store coupon. Store coupons are not applicable for Genzler Amplification products but we do offer free shipping.

    Call us for details: four-one-seven-274-0392
    Sho Me Home
    [email protected]

    We are an Authorized Traynor, Tech21, & Genzler Amplification dealer!

    We have Traynor amps IN STOCK!

    We have the new Tech21 VTB-500 amp IN STOCK! Plus we have most of the Tech21 pedals IN STOCK!

    Stay tuned for exciting bass gear announcements from Sho Me Music!
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