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Shooting a Dead Horse...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by deathbloomslife, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. ...As gruesome as the title is, I promise you, the thread doesn't contain an SX, Which Bass, or Hey Who Makes the Fretted/Fretless Bass? type of comment.

    So I went to Guitar Center on OBT in Orlando Florida this past Sunday as a stop off before I hit the H.o.B for the Zombie concert. Wasn't too impressed with what was hanging around. Spectors closer to the roof than my dream of actually owning one. Baseball-bat-like Schecter basses within reach, right next to lower-end Ibanez basses and THREE 4 string Warwick Corvettes -One standard, one active, and one fretless.- The ususal OLP/Fender/Squier crowd, accompanied by a few Yammy's, and the likes... Anyway, the meat n potatoes...

    So I played on the Cort Artisan B4 that was hanging so lonely amongst the Leo Fender crowd. Was blown away at how light the swamp ash body is on this thing, I could thoss it up into the air, and catch it one handed, easily. -cool stage trick too- I was also blown away with the bass itself, one of the easiest playing basses I have ever played, and it put a helluva a whoopin' on the 'Vette, I tell no lie. The electronics were to die for, especially the slap contour switch, made switching from heavy B.L.S style riffs to "Can't Stop" a breeze. Tuners, knobs, and bridge all seemed top notch. So I show a little interest, and the floor guy, wanting to make a sale drops an A5 into my hands, and I must admit, it felt the same, for over $100 more. His exact words were "Bascially the same thing, + one string, a beefier bridge and the neckthrough construction." Hardly worth the extra dough in my eyes, however the finish beat the B4's by a mile, but the satin silver "BTB Style" knobs kind of turned me off from the A5. However, I see a B4 in my future, my very very very near future. (Just need to unload my Ibby for some quik cash, lmao.)

    Then, I swapped over to an EBMM Sting Ray from '01, swamp ash body, all maple neck, and black pg. Beautiful tone, I couldn't get enough!!! I was so impressed by the Sting Ray's tone, I switched over to the Sterling for more tonal variations, but quickly switched right back! I've got to say, I'm completely in love with a Sting Ray, and I'll be darned if I'm not slammin' on one by next year!

    Helpin' me make my decisions along the way was an Ampeg BA115 combo, and Crate 115 combo amps. Both sounded great, however the Crate felt like the woofer was hitting it's peak a little sooner than the Ampeg was, which is why it's $100+ more.

    So, to sum up this whole lengthy pointless post, I'll just say... "Man-O-Man, all this coupled with the new Toby Pro's and playing on an Ibanez RDGR on Monday, has given the worst case of *G.A.S* I have ever had the dis-pleasure of having. Thank God I'll be receiving a raise soon, and have picked some more hours on the grind stone."


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