Short Scale (Bronco) Bass Gigbag

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    I've got a Squier Bronco that I want to mod out and eventually bring to gigs and shows, but I'm not taking it anywhere right now since I have no gigbag for it.

    I'm not a hardcase user, unless there's serious travel going on.

    I would like a bag that the bass will fit snugly in, and has pockets for (at the very least) a cable, strap, Snark tuner, and other small miscellany. It's gotta be padded, have shoulder straps, and be kind of 'stiff'.

    In comparison, my Dingwall came with a sweet, over-the-top Levy's gigbag (relatively stuff, well padded, decked out with pouches, handles, and a rain cover). My other preferred bag is this one from Ibanez, which used to be more expensive:

    I don't need anything quite that nice for this bass, but something that can take a little abuse and that I can't feel the bass through.

    Alternatively, let me know if the Bronco will fit in a guitar bag, which will be much easier to track down something I like.
  2. I bought a Bronco for my daughter a did not find a good case solution at the time. I think we found that a regular guitar bag was too small. It's swimming now in a regular bass gig bag. I would be interested to know if there is a better solution. Subscribed . .. .
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    Dec 2, 2011
    I also need one for a Squier Musicmaster. Like the post above, it's too big for a guitar bag and a bass bag is too big.i bought my daughter a Fender P-Bass Jr. and it fits well in a bag that has just a little extra room at the top. You just have to try a few and see what works. Some do some don't.
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