short video on right hand technique

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  1. I found this video the other day and I have found it quite helpful.
    I play a big 6 string and have pretty small hands. I have also spent the last few years fighting tennis elbow and other chronic tendinitis. My injurys are from chainsaws and shovels but playing that big bass hasn't been helping.

    Anyways, from the garry willis style hand movements to the low slung death metal bass between the knees... this guy has some good tips.
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    Feb 25, 2011
    Thanks for the link.

    Classical guitar technique is something I've been trying to dig into for a while.
  3. economy of motion. I was guilty for years of having my bass up real high, neck level (parallel to the floor), right wrist bent at a 90' angle and this weird and straining fretting hand posture. anyways.. now i have tilted my neck up a little, got that acute bent out of my wrist and as a result, my left hand is in a more neutral position. its really improved my endurance and fatigue management. i haven't lost any speed and my tone hasn't suffered. Now i can get back to trying to learn how to play the bass.
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    I agree that it is a good video and thanks for posting

    The alignment, I think, is so important and for bass it determines how high or low to strap the bass

    I started out on classical guitar and I must admit that I will be working on my poor habit of splayed fingers

    No one has ever pointed that out to me.

    I think it is amazing that people like me can study with teachers on and off over the years and finally, kaboom, someone on the Internet explains some very basic things, one, particularly that stands out for me to work on.

    I will treat that as my Xmas present from TB