Shorter (overall length) backup bass options

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  1. rob2966


    Oct 19, 2006
    Vancouver, BC
    Hey all,

    My main gigging basses are either a 4-string or a 5-string NYC Sadowsky, and don't see that changing anytime soon for pretty much all my gigs. However, these standard length basses (in the Sadowsky Portabag) do not fit into the trunk of my Leaf, so they have to go across the back seat. I prefer not to have a pricey bass as a backup and my intent would be to probably leave it hidden in the trunk behind the cargo cover at gigs (chances I would need it are almost nil, worst case I run out and get it). So, the criteria in order of importance:

    1. Must be short enough (overall length) to fit in the trunk. Looking at either a short-scale bass (~30" scale length) or a headless design.

    2. Must have decent tone and playability. Obviously don't expect it to stack up to my NYC Sadowsky's, but it needs to be a solid instrument in fit, finish, and tone. Nowadays that should apply to almost all basses.

    3. Having a different tone to my WL4 and 24F5 could be a plus (and expected). If I can make use of it for recording, etc then great. However, it still needs to work for general pop/rock stuff. For example, a Rob Allen Mouse wouldn't be a tonal fit (and also over budget).

    4. I would like to keep the budget under $1000.

    Taking a quick look around a couple options piqued my interest. Newer Steinberger, are they any good? It definitely pigeon-holes you visually but that is ok. Also noticed the Gretsch G2220 short-scale which has a cool, vintage-y vibe. Another option in the headless dept. would be some kind of Keisel (a bit over the budget but not too much). An Epi EB-0 is another option.

    Just looking for options at this point. Any suggestions welcome (although no need to comment on a) the size of my car or b) the risks in leaving a bass in the trunk :) ).