Shortscale TI's question

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    So I came across a set of TI's flats that a friend of mine bought once and never used. He didn't want them so I put them on my sg.
    They're the short/medium set 43-56-70-106

    I once had a longscale set on a fretless and they were polished and shiny and very smooth, and felt very even. These aren't shiny and kinda feel like chromes, but with much less tension. Why is the E so much fatter than the rest? The tension across the strings is strange too. It feels like the A has the highest tension, with the D and G having slightly less but even to eachother.
    They sound good, but I really don't see what all the hype is about. I dont mind the low tension, but the string to string tension just seems off and the giant e string in comparison to the rest is kinda annoying.
    Does the silk inner wrapping absorb finger gunk and help them age well? Do these start out not so great but get amazing over time? I'm all about keeping the same set of flats on this bass forever, but I don't know if these are the ones.
  2. I may be off base here. Warning: The following is theory and may or not be true, perhaps partially either way.
    These strings were designed for Hofner and basses similar to them. Due to the trapeze style tail piece, it requires a 32 inch scale string. The strings are balanced for those particular type basses and not the typical shortie. The E string was thicker to match the set in balanced tension as well as to prevent floppiness that often comes with some short scale basses. At one time TI also made a set with a lower gauge E string to fit picky trapeze bridges with smaller openings. They did also market two different short scale sets but I am not sure if they still do.

    They will mellow with playing, if you can adjust to the lower tensioned strings. They will remain pretty mid heavy even with age.