Should i buy this spector?

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  1. so i was at Samash this weekend and they had this incredible playing American Spector. An NS/2 with the P/J combination. The bass was used and from the 80s. The guys in the store, i should add that they are my buddies so they wouldn't make stuff up to sell it to me, considering i don't think they think i'll buy it, told me that it was one of the first 5 made. I assume that means from the most recent line of spectors cause it obviously wasn't the first spector, plus the serial, if i remember, was like 15**. They told me that it was one of 5 from it's mold. The finish on the body had a lot of wear, but i figure that if i really want, i can just send it to Stuart to have him redo the finish. Also, it escapes me currently, but it was played by some famous guy, not that that really makes any difference to me. Though they said he came into the store personally and traded it in. The bass definately plays beautifully. They had said that they wanted like $1900 for it, though i'm sure i could probably get them down to $1500-1600. Do you guys think i should get it?
  2. I would vote no, because....
    A lot of its value seems Speculative (no pun intended). Unless you are a big Spector history fanatic, and want to preserve the bass, then it's probably better to go with a playah. I just got one of those cheap NS5CR's at $799 from MF and it's great!
  3. Go to then check out the "history" section of the site. The serial numbers of the older (pre-Kramer and Kramer era) Spectors are listed here. See if the serial numbers match the one in the store. Also, the first Spectors were made in the 70's, not 80's!
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    It might be one of the 1st 5 made in the Kramer Era. If it's a great player & sounds great, I'd buy it!!!! I just pulled out my NS-2, put a new set of strings, set it up & brought it to rehearsal last night & the guy @ the studio said "Man that bass sounds awesome!!!!"

    You could call Stuart. If it's a Kramer Era, he might not have alot of info on it. When I bought my NS-2, I called him & he said Kramer did alot of deceptive thing w/their basses, especially to endorsee's. :(
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    To me, it sounds overpriced. For a bass that's not in mint condition, I don't think you should pay $1,500 for a Kramer-made Spector. If Stuart made it himself, then it's worth considering, though I still don't think it's a bargain.

    Phrases that would send up a red flag and make me run fast are things like, "One of the first..." or "Owned by a professional".

    Who really cares if it's one of the first from its mold? How does that improve the instrument? It won't improve the instrument's value to a collector if it can't be verified...

    Also, if it was owned by a professional, that would only make a difference if it was someone really famous and the bass came with some sort of authentication.

    I'd either talk them down to under $1,000 (assuming it's still in good condition) or I'd take a walk.
  6. Well i'm not looking to buy it because it is one of the first or because it was played by a famous person. The bass played beautifully and that's why i'm interested in it. As for the rest, i'm not really sure and am going to have to check the serial number and what not.

    I just went to the Spector website and since i know it was in the 1500s, the serial number that is, that means that it was built in 1987. So i guess that makes it a kramer. So one of the first 5 i guess means most likely that Nino, your theory should be right, that it's one of the first 5 Kramers.
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    That shouldn't make it or break it. Some of the Kramers came out quite well. I believe that Stuart, even though he sold the company, still worked with Kramer's Spector shop to some degree.

    I'd contact Stuart to see if he has any knowledge of this particular instrument. If it's truly that low in the serial number range, Stuart very well could have had something to do with the making of that instrument.

    Either way, I still think that price might be a little high.
  8. Kramer took over operation in January 1986 and built 297 NS-2s that year alone. Therefore, the bass you are referring to is not even one of the first 5 Kramer Spectors made.
    Collectors reasons aside, is the price of the bass worth it to you as far as sound, feel, looks and astetics etc? That is the question you need to ask yourself.
    There are quite a few dealers that sell Spectors new and used, vintage and modern through mail order. I can send you their websites if you are interested in checking them out.