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  1. a brand new Stingray 5 with case for $995. I was offered this by a local dealer and am not sure if i should go for it. Its not exactly what i want (i want a maple neck but i dont think there is a stingray 5 maple neck) and i hate the color (black w/ black pickguard) but i love the stringray sound. I would need to put this on plastic and pay it off and not sure if its worth the hassle at this point considering its not exactly what i want. Could i get it painted later? Should i just give in to my GAS? help me
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    well a brand new stingray 5 for a grand is a really really good deal. My stingray 4 was over 1200 new. They do make maple neck stingray 5's though, and with a little luck you can find a nice used one for that much. You could even get the color you want. Stingrays tend to hold up better than most basses, so getting a used one is a safe bet. I'd say look for a used one.
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    1) The price is right, it is almost dealer cost.
    2) The Stingray has a Maple NECK, I believe you mean FRETBOARD/Fingerboard. Yes it is available with a maple fingerboard.
    3) Dont even think of refinishing it, it will lose its value, and a good refinish is costly, unless you want to experiment yourself.
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    they do make maple necks....
    if i were you... i'd wait.... but that's a pretty cool price... one thing about stingrays is that they look so nice.... if you think its ugly, that takes away from what its worth to you.. and if you want a maple neck, the rosewood takes away form the sound you want....

    just my opinion..
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    Mar 25, 2001
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    If I saw a NEW Stingray 5 for $995 in these parts, I'd jump on it, regardless of the neck configuration, because...

    * If I REALLY didn't like the neck, I'd buy another neck and effectively have two basses.

    * If I didn't want to swap necks, I could play it for a while, then sell it used for at least $995.

    ***Beavis voice on***
    "Free" basses are cool.
    ***Beavis voice off, never to be used again***


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    OK, let's approach this rationally.

    1. You don't like the color. Is it the black on black combo you don't care for, or black basses in general? Remember, pickguards are cheap.

    2. It has a rosewood board instead of maple. Have you played a maple board Stingray? If you haven't, and really like the sound of this one, you may be unpleasantly surprised.

    3. I think you'd be able to easily sell it for very close to what you paid for it if you find that it's just not working out for you.

    IMO, bottom line: if you can tolerate the color and the rosewood, and this one sounds "right", GO FOR IT! Selling it later (as long as it's in reasonable condition) shouldn't hurt much financially.
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    If you're not 100% satisfied, you shouldn't buy it. I've done it time & time again & I've regretted it. (unless I made a profit in the sale:p) If it's not exactly wht you want, it'll bug you to the point that you'll sell it @ a loss just to get rid of it so you can buy what you really wanted in the 1st place.

    Good luck.
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  8. joel the bass player

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    Nov 27, 2000
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    If you buy it, you will surely be able to sell it for just as much as you pay for it, but you would probably be happy with it. If the color thing does bother you I would say to wait and find one that makes you happy. My Stingray is the Transparent Teal with a Peal pick guard. Looks really nice.

  9. my stinray 5 has a birdseye maple fingerboard and sounds beautiful.
  10. ok
    1. i really hate black basses and the black on black is even worse but color is not a very important factor to me
    2. i have not played a stingray 5 maple but i have played a stingray with a maple fingerboard and LOVED the sound of it. It just had a sweeter sound an better feel then the rosewood.
    3. i am looking for my next bass but want to be sure its exactly what i want. I am a little short on cash and have to finance a car now.

    I think im going to hold out for a little while until im sure i really love this one or if i really cant find anything this good for that price. I really think i could sell it for that price later but it would be hard for me to pay for it in the first place right now
  11. well... if u hate the color or anything else dont get it...but if it sounds good i would ignore the color and be happy with the new Stingray...but like Nino-brown said if u dont like it and do buy it u may regret buyin it. But if u are gettin it, make sure no1 else is gonna take it. I know from experience (Both de armonds i was gonna order got sold out right b4 i was gonna order :( ) good luck :D