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Should I get a new neck???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by LimpyBizkit397, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. I have a BTB400QM and I was thinking of getting it fretless, so I could learn how to play fretless. I talked to someone at Daddy's Junky Music and he said instead of just taking out the professinaly I should just get a new neck. Is this good advice? I also wanted to put Bartolini BC4C or BC4X pickups in. Will these fit? Has anyone tried them ina BTB before? Any help is appreciated. I need to know soon though becuase it's for me b-day. Thanks
  2. No Way! For almost the price of a replacement neck you could get a decent fretless bass. you don't want to have to keep changing your neck everytime you wanted to play with frets.. sorry I can't help you out with the pickup thing .... Good luck and Happy Birthday!
  3. I dunno if I should have put the pickup part in the pickup section sorry. The problem is Fetch that my dad doesn't want me gettin another bass(even though I bought it with my own money)plus I have another fretted bass(should have put that in)but I dunno if buying a fretless neck or just pulling out the frets is they way to go.
  4. Hi Laura,

    The problem is, unless your bass is a Fender Precision or Jazz clone, it's pretty hard to get a new neck to fit. I don't think Ibanez sells them (especially since there's no fretless version of the BTB400), and the companies that build most of the replacement necks, like Warmoth, mostly build Fender-style necks.
    If you want that particular bass to be fretless, I expect your only real option is to have it defretted.

    As for the Barts, Bartolini has the measurements for their pickups on the webiste (, I think. Without knowing the measurements of the stock pickups, it's hard to guess what would be the best replacement. The BTB1000 series has Barts installed, though, so they must make some that fit.

  5. BigBohn


    Sep 29, 2001
    WPB, Florida
    I totally don't recommend defretting a bass if it doesn't have a fretless model as well. The bass was designed to have frets. So leave it that way. Get a new bass that is fretless so you won't have any problems. Suggestion: Cort Curbow fretless basses
  6. Sorry Bohn, there is absolutely no reason a bass can't be defretted with good results - even if the manufacturer didn't make the model in a fretless version originally.

    A proper, professional defretting will include a reshaping and leveling of the (now) fingerboard as part of the setup.
  7. There are many luthiers who can do a fine job converting a bass to a fretless, including some very well-respected ones like Mike Lull. It's not a question of whether the bass was "designed to have frets" or not--I guarantee that very few basses that are available in fretless versions were particularly "designed not to have frets". I agree, though, that in this price range, you might spend almost as much getting a good person to defret the bass as you would buying another fretless bass.

  8. BigBohn


    Sep 29, 2001
    WPB, Florida
    Hambone, nevertheless, there is NO guarantee that a defretted instrument will sound better, or worse for that matter, than a manufactured fretless of the same type. All I am really saying is to use caution because the risk of turning a fretted into fretless might not be worth it when you could buy a new fretless for nearly the same money, as Mr. Zimmerman has already said.
  9. Hey! Thats what I was trying to say!!! No defretts please!!! A good luthier is always happy to defret your bass $$$$$$! Laura, Tell your dad your situation and maybe he will understand and let you get a fretless bass.. You might want to get one without lines because once you start out with a lined fretless bass it will be harder to play a nice clean looking unlinned fingerboard later on,,, if you decide to go that way...,,Hey! wait a minute, Don't you have a Stingray 5er?? You do!! Well I would sell the Ibanez and get a good unlinned fretless and you'd have just two basses.. Good luck
  10. Not to beat a dead horse, but my post didn't attempt to point Limpy in either direction. What my post DID try to say - perhaps not as well as I should have - is that there is nothing necessarily in the design process that is different between the a fretted and fretless of the same model.

    Tone, playability, and relative cost differences between a new neck, a defretting, or a new bass are all subjective and best left to the owner to decide.
  11. If you want a fretless, and you've got the cash lyin around to have it done by a pro, go for it. Buying a replacement neck for the Ibanez would be hard, finding one for the MM would be easier.

    Swapping necks around would be a PITA, if you ask me, even if you found a fretless replacement. But hell, if you want to try a defret, do it on the Ibanez. Or see if your dad will let you get an inexpensive fretless.

    Me, I'm probably gonna end up defretting my Ray clone. But, I've got experience in defretting, and it will be on a relatively inexpensive bass. In your case, if you have no experience, defretting anything worth over a few hundred would be a bad idea.

    But, that is all my opinion.