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should i go for the WM15?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jrthebassguy, Apr 8, 2001.

  1. Well, my hartke B90 has handled out some small gigs and practice ok, but one of the reasons i bought the amp was i thought i could add on to it once i need mores sound. but after i emailed hartke, they said adding ona cab to it would be a big no-no and could probably mess it up w/permanent damage.

    so i was thinkin, should i sell my B90 and save some more cash for the SWR Workingman 15 combo? its 160 watts (well 200 after i can add on a 8 ohm cab) so that should handle some small gigs and maybe a medium sized one. but should i make the move? any opinions?

    Note: considering im 14 and have no job and no means of earning money (except mowing my yard), im on a extremely strict budget.
  2. go for it, i love mine. sometimes i think i wish i had gotten a separate head/cab, but with the money i had at the time, it was really the best choice i could have made. sounds great!
  3. i don't know about the add on cab, i have heard pros and cons about it. do your research.

    on the plus i have one and everyone i play with says its the best sounding bass amp they have heard. i have to agree, or at least it sounds alot better than the laney i had. a topic that came up today is the tweeter, i never use mine but some others have said that its not to good.

    i love mine
  4. I was running mine with an extra 8Ohm 1x15...certainly gave it some punch and was very necessary in most situations (well underpowered with 3 x guitars + drums).

    By itsself, it does have a super-sweet clean tone (a little too hi-fi for my tastes, now). Never had any problems with extension speakers, however the total load can't exceed 4Ohms (internal 8Ohm + 8Ohm extension).

    I find the tweeter a bit hissy and brash, but that's piezo drivers for ya! Didn't make much difference in practise.

    It's lightweight but it's a boxy number and kinda awkward to get around without casters.

    Oh yeah, the amp "head" unit slides out of the combo easily - add top, bottom and side plates and there's your head (more-or-less an SWR WM160) should you want to de-combo it and drive something like a 4x10.
  5. i had one and sold it a year later,........was never really crazy about the sound, had a few problems with mine, cold solder joints, bad speaker, .underpowered, with an ext cab theres a better chance of the thermal protection kicking in and shutting down the amp, and it does, i did it,.... aggrivating....bulky to carry......i dont miss mine and wouldnt get another ......although many people love em. theres other combos id go with. whats you budget. ..maybe a wm 4004 head and a used also wm 4x10 cab if you like swr, probably cost the same as the ever rising price of the wm-15...... the best swr head i had was an sm-400 bass head, tube preamp 400 watts bridges and super flexible, i mean super, i would definitly get another one of these series, 400s,400 (plus ?) , 500 series,..........remember its more expensive to buy all the wrong sh%t several times before finally realizing your mistake has hurt you wallet and you still need to get another real amp..........i love the boogies, and their service is the nuts, besides my mesa gig rig,.. i ve got a couple of buster combos i use, ..one might be for sale..200 watt all tube power, you know what that means,....these combos kick ass, and they are louder than any solid state amp of comparable or higher wattage, good headroom, as close a sound as to my mesa bass 400+ , ones a 2x10 wedge and the other is a 1x15 w horn, both new, mint cond. and used very little in the studio. great compromise for smaller to med plus gigs.......but theres several other combos. the one i think i would go for if money was a bit freer would be an ebs drome,........kicks ass
  6. virtual.ray


    Oct 25, 2000
    I like the sound of the WM15 at practice levels,but I found it to be insufficient for gigs with a 5 string. The Ampeg B2 is around the same price,and it goes up to 350 watts with an ext. cab.

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