Should I repair the neck binding on my bass or leave it alone?

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  1. Hey guys, this is my first time here, I need a little help:) I bought a 1979 Greco Jazz Bass from Japan, it's in great shape for it's age, but I couldn't get a lower action, so that's why I took him to a luthier, he said the neck needed a shim. Now, do you think I should replace neck binding or just leave it alone? Also, some frets are uneven so I don't know if I should level and crown them or just replace them [​IMG] I attached the ad where I bought it if you're curious.
    Бас-гитара Greco JB600 Jazz Bass 1979 Japan купить в Москве | Хобби и отдых | Авито
    Thank you :D

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  2. James Collins

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    Mar 25, 2017
    If it is just cracked in appearance I would leave it. It looks nice to me. If I could feel it, I would do something about it.

    I would level the frets.
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  3. two fingers

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    Feb 7, 2005
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    Exactly this. If it's just noticeable visually, I would leave it. If I could feel it while playing, it would drive me nuts.
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  4. If the binding isn’t falling off crumbling then leave it. It’s actually aged where people pay extra to fake that ageing. It looks like there plenty of fret left to level if it is needed. You shouldn’t have to replace any yet.
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  5. songofthewind


    Aug 1, 2013
    It looks good. If it feels ok in the hands, then leave it.
  6. RSBBass


    Jun 11, 2011
    I would leave it. I also would get the frets leveled before messing with a shim. With level frets you may find you don't need one.