should i stay or should i go?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by fenderbluesdude, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. as most of you know i have a fender fretless jazz bass, i dont likie the color (agav blue) and i dont like the neck. latly i have been thinking of getting a fretted neck off of warmoth or allparts. after i get a neck i would want some fender reissue 60s pickups, and then after the pickups i would want to get a bridge. do you think i should just buy a new bass which already has the pickups i want the neck i want and the bridge and the color, and the tuning keys (forgot to mention those)?
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    Oct 29, 2003
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    Oi. Didn't you already get that other neck -_-.. Stop saying what you're going to do.. 99/100 times, you're not even going to do it. Wait a few more years until you have a steady income, then start takling about what you will buy/plan to buy :).
  3. Oh ho! Making plans without money to back it up 8)? By the time you buy all those parts you'll have a new bass :p.
  4. well, to answer the question (sorry, i don't know your money situation or whatever), i would say buy a new bass. that way you'll have a fretted and a fretless at your disposal. but if what the other guys said is true (not having any money), i'd hold off and save money for a cool new bass, like a sadowsky or a lakland...

  5. if i were going to get a brand new bass i would probably get a fender 60s reissue for 629. all i have right know is 200. so i would just sbuy the new bass and then sell my fretless. and some other stuff to pay it off.