Should I use a stage name/pseudonym to promote my solo project?

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  1. tomnomnom91


    Dec 23, 2012
    Hey everyone, I'm just wondering what you would do in this situation.

    Basically, I'm a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and I've written, recorded and produced an album's worth of material, and intend to do more as well as do some live shows. The thing is, in recording my album I've worked with a singer, because I can't sing to save my life. I've also collaborated with a drummer and lead guitarist on a couple of tracks.

    So the question is, should I promote this under my own name, or use a band name/stage name etc? I'm thinking like the early days of Porcupine Tree, where it was all one guy but using a band name, before the rest of the band was filled out.

    Furthermore, the singer is female, and I don't know if it would be sensible to promote the project under my own name, because people may automatically assume that the singer would be male (which isn't unreasonable really). I guess it could just be a bit offputting. But I'm aware of people doing that kind of thing before, like Calvin Harris working with female singers etc.

    I should also point out that every creative decision in the project is down to me, so it's not really a 'collaborative' project per se, it's literally just that I can't sing so I've had someone do it for me, and a drum part I wrote was too hard for me to play so I had a friend do it. They haven't done any decision making. The only thing I haven't done is one guitar solo with a guest guitarist.

    So, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this.

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    To me, this is the paragraph that cuts to the heart of the matter. It wouldn't necessarily be offputting, but it WOULD be confusing, especially if you're a new act (as you frankly seem to be). I'd come up with some kind of band name.

    Another option would be "(Your Name) featuring (Her Name)"
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    Think up a band name.
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    Santana doesn't sing and that's never stopped him from using his own name, Paul Simon famously released an album of music written entirely by his backing band... even more relevant might be the hundreds/thousands of "producers" these days releasing tracks and albums without ever having been in the same room as a musical instrument. If you put it together there's no shame in owning it, and you can always give credit where credit is due in the liner notes. I wouldn't consider a pseudonym unless it was something as relevant to me as the music itself.
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    Those guys are established artists. I'm assuming the OP is not.
  6. Hmm, good question - unless someone like Music Attorney says differently, I think you could go either way with this, but however you do it, you want people to know it’s your work, so your name needs to be on it some how.
  7. tomnomnom91's debut release, "Album Name, by tomnomnom91 with special guests"
  8. IMO, use your name, focus on the compositions and not the performances. Give proper billing for the performers for performing, but make it clear that you have the composing credit.

    If you prefer, go the band name route, where you can keep the band name even as the performing members rotate in and out.
  9. only if it's hilarious

  10. Trent Steel
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    Yeah, that's definitely the 2013 way to do it. It's also more flexible in that any name recognition value you both get out of this can also be reused when working with other producers or other singers - no need to come up with a new name every time.
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    Having been a dental supply salesman for four years, and a merchant marine for four and a half months, I think it's pretty safe to say that I know a little bit about the music... Industry.

    I think you should call your band "Rod Torfulson's Armada Featuring Herman Menderchuck".
  13. Neither of the Van Halen boys can sing either. But the band is still named after them. I liked it when they were called Mammoth.:bag:
  14. tomnomnom91


    Dec 23, 2012
    Brilliant :D

    Thanks for all your responses. I've decided I'm definitely going to go down the band name route - thinking about it, my role in the project is basically the same as Trent Reznor's in Nine Inch Nails, and that consideration alone is good enough for me!
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    Dec 7, 2011
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    Umberto Muerto.
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    Mar 31, 2011
    Colonel Mustard and the Ballroom Candlesticks.
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    chester. that seems like a good name.