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Should my upcoming custom Bass Have Epoxy "potted" pickups?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jim T., Oct 27, 2004.

  1. I know that epoxy potting pickups reduces or eliminates microphonics but why doesn't every bass have them? Are there other advantages or disadvantages to using (or not using) them?

    My pickups' manufacturer wants to know if I want them potted or not.
    I want my luthier to make his own wooden covers for them so I'd either have to have a cover made to fit around my plastic covered potted pups or else leave them "un potted".

    What to do?
  2. Thank you Smash. Yes that was very helpful. Are the majority of pickups out there non potted or potted? Would it be unreasonable or impractical to wood cover an existing plastic covered potted pickup? (Say THAT 5 times fast! :) It sounds like having the pups potted later is always a possibility...

    I'll check with my luthier but I wanted to get more of an education first.

    Thanks again. I'd like to hear more if anyone's got more.
  3. Whether a pup is potted from the factory or not usually is determined by the amount of space available in the cover. Most single coil J's dont have the room but I've seen some high end versions that were potted. The versions with removable covers certainly weren't. Now, the MM pups I've seen have all had at least some pottiing. Most were fully filled but I've got one in the shop now that I got from a TB'er that is only potted on the end where the leads attach to the coils. This too has a removable cover but I don't think it was designed that way - the epoxy just didn't stick well to the inside.

    As for microphonics, I believe the phenomenon occurs more in acoustic and semi acoustic instruments where the sound waves can enter the body and begin to move the pickup coils. Of course if they move, it's like the string moving but if the string is moving too, that's where the conflict arises. All sorts of goofy sounds come out of that.

    Hope this helps
  4. Thanks Hambone!

    I've got the essential info. under my belt now. I'll discuss this with my luthier and see what he thinks about whether or not I'll need to order mine potted or not.

    As always, thanks again. Jim