Should you ever risk it? (ohms)

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  1. Say running a 4 ohm cab + an 8 ohm cab into an amp that has a low min. impedance of 4 ohms? I know this sounds silly but I just found that I can only run the one cab I have now with the amp I have, and wonder if I should DEFINATELY sell it immediately for a loss and pick up TWO more cabs, or if there's no need, and just keep it.

    I know, a) this sounds stupid, there's a minimum impedance for a reason and b) I should do my research BEFORE i buy, but i guess I wouldn't mind hearing it from someone else before I sell / rebuy.

    Thanks guys!
  2. I don't know what kind of cab you are talking about but you could just change it to an 8 ohm speaker and run at a combined 4 ohm load.
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    I did this same thing for a while, maybe 6 months worth of weekly practices at moderate to loud volumes. Maybe a gig or 2.

    4 ohm mline with an 8ohm EVtl806. Sounded REALLY good, they complimented nicely for the tone I wanted.

    The amp, a GB440, got pretty damned hot. Dave Funk says they will get hot and that is OK, but doesnt condone 2.7 ohm usage for that amp.

    I decided to err on the side of sense and stopped doing it before anything shut down.

    Probably not a great idea.
  4. Grayhawk it's a Triad, that I want to run with a Gol III 8 ohm......I guess I could just sell it and buy a 115 rated at 8 ohms, that would be my best bet.
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    A 4 ohm + and 8 ohm cab would give you a combined 2.66 ohm load on your amp. If your amp has a minimum 4 ohm load listed as a spec... break out the marshmallows because you'll most likely be able to toast them over the flame when the amp overheats. Don't exceed the minimum ohm load (smaller ohm # is a larger draw on the amp). If it's a new amp you'll void the warranty. Either go with two 8 ohm cabs or find an amp capable of handling a 2 ohm load, there are plenty to choose from. Good luck.
  6. alright sweet thanks guys.........

    Also running both speakers off the amp vs. "daisy chaining" one speaker to the amp, and the other speaker to that speaker are the same as far as power transfer and ohms go, right?

    I.e they will get the same amt of power no matter which of the two ways you hook them up?
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    I think you are stuck either way as most speaker to speaker connects are parallel. You would be losing amp power (lower wattage output) if you were to find a way to hook them up in series. If you play loud, then you run the risk of speaker damage if you end up clipping the amp for any extended periods. I would do as you suggested and look for another 8 ohm cab. Then you are safe all the way around. If you got the extra bucks, keep the triad, find that 8 ohm 1X15 and you'd have yourself a pretty flexible modular set up. The triad for smaller gigs and the 4X10 and 1X15 for larger venues.
  8. There was a thread on this last week and one guy said he is doing this with a "Speaker Mate" from sherlock audio in Canada. They have a website that you might want to look at, might be your cheapest way out.
  9. Solid state amp - No.

    Tube amp - Sure.
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    I'm not sure of your 4-ohm "Triad" speaker configuration, but maybe this cab could be rewired to 8-ohm...
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    You can look here for a nice simple explanation on amps and it should also address your question. Go to the bass amp faq.

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    The SWR Triad is a 3 way cabinet with a 15 in woofer, a 10 in. midrange and a horn tweeter. No way to rewire it.

    Damani311 could swap out the 4 ohm 15 with an 8 ohm speaker as the Triad runs the woofer full range.
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    No. It'll likely produce less power into the load and may heat the OPT excessively at volume. Tube amps produce maximum power into the correct load; higher or lower is less and more distortion.
  14. Yeah, but I would do it for a gig if I didn't really have any other option.

    It's not like it's a 100% mismatch.

    I am aware of everything you mentioned - unless the OPT is really not that great it should take it just fine.
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    Yeah, I just posted so someone wouldn't think this was neccessarily an advisable long term solution.
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    If the Triad's 15 is a 4-ohm, how are they adding the 10" and still ending up with a 4-ohm cab?
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  18. Although I run my '75 Traynor YBA-1 all the time at 4 ohms and it's nominal impedance is 8.

    Not saying I condone it though.

    For whatever reason the original Traynor cabinet to go with that head was 5.3 ohms anyway - so 4 isn't a big step down from there - and you should see the size of the Hammond transformers in it.