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  1. the federalist

    the federalist

    Aug 10, 2014
    Today I went to the Atlanta GC to trade in an Ibanez acoustic bass and purchase a Guild acoustic bass they had on sale. I had purchased the Ibanez about six months ago, also at the Atlanta GC.

    The salesperson asked if I had purchased the Ibanez at that store. I said yes, but several months ago. He looked up the purchase and said he would give me a full refund to apply against the Guild. The Ibanez was in like-new condition, but still. I hadn't asked for nor did I expect a full refund.

    He looked at the tag on the Guild and saw that the sale had expired a month ago. He said he would honor the tag.

    So, I got a terrific deal. Thanks, GC!!

    The past few times I've been to this GC I've noticed a dwindling inventory of both new and used items. I asked the salesperson if this store was closing. He said no, that their suppliers haven't shipped new product for weeks and that people are not selling them used items as they expected. He expects GC will be back to normal in two to three months. That's good news!
  2. That’s fantastic! Let’s see pics of the Guild! It sounds like you happened upon a wonderful GC employee. I’ve found GC to be to musical instruments what Walmart is to baked goods. Sure, they’ll bake a cake but the local bakery will be so much better.

    I’m glad you ran across this wonderful employee! If only they were all like him.
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  3. the federalist

    the federalist

    Aug 10, 2014
    My experience with GC has overall been quite favorable over the years. It's clear what their business model is, and I don't expect GC to conform to what I would like it to be.

    With rare exceptions I find GC employees to be helpful. It helps to treat them decently, as you expect them to treat you. (Isn't there some kind of rule about this?)

    This is not the first time I've gotten a really good deal. Used items can be especially attractive and the GC return policy is exceptional. I know it sounds as if I have a financial interest in GC, but I have no connection other than as a customer.

    Here's the nice bass I bought.

    20200616_195252.jpg 20200616_195320.jpg
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    It's good to hear a good experience story about GC. It really comes down to the individual store, management and employees. Too many times one bad experience gets broadcasted and makes it appear the all GC's are bad. Glad to hear the store you dealt with set a good example. :thumbsup:
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  5. gip111


    Nov 13, 2012
    Another + for GC. Over the years I’ve purchased dozens of instruments new and used. You know what you get and still have 30 days to decide.
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    Congrats, rock it hard! :bassist:
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    Sep 12, 2011
    The Garden State
    Yes, times are tough for Guitar Center. As far as inventory goes, my local GC has only 73 basses!