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Show me THE most beautiful bass you've ever seen!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by f'nar f'nar, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. We get all these threads like 'show us your Jazz Basses' and whatnot, but I dont think we've ever had an ultimate good bass thread, where we just show each other the greatest bass we've ever seen/played/owned/sold/lost/found/destroyed/burnt anything!

    Show away dudes and dudettes! :bassist:
  2. Funky Tune

    Funky Tune

    Apr 28, 2005
    Puerto Rico
    Fender Jazz bass Custom Shop.........this week maybe,i get this baby
  3. I am biased though. But the photos do this finnish no justice...its a must see in person.

  4. thlayli


    May 8, 2005
    Cross Lanes, WV
    Ah hell, just go to Groove Shoppe and pick a Fodera with a buckeye burl top, that'll pretty much cover me.
  5. chrisburningres


    Jul 31, 2005
  6. Gard


    Mar 31, 2000
    WInter Garden, FL
    ....speaking of prejudiced:


    ....the first time I saw that, I almost had a heart attack...


  7. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    A Warwick Streamer Stage II. Hawt.
  8. Bryan R. Tyler

    Bryan R. Tyler TalkBass: Usurping My Practice Time Since 2002 Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    May 3, 2002
    Actually we did, with almost the same title.
    What's THE Most Beautiful Bass You've Ever Seen...

    The difference was that the bass could NOT be one that you owned, to eliminate the natural bias. It's an old thread with most of the pics gone by now though.
  9. Joe Turski

    Joe Turski

    Jul 29, 2003
    That just gave me wood!! :eek:
  10. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    That Roscoe ^
  11. Brian Barrett

    Brian Barrett

    Nov 25, 2001
    Murfreesboro, TN (Nashville)
    Dealer LowEndBassShop.com, Builder LowEndBasses.com
    Guard, that Cocobola is SICK MAN!!!!

    This one takes the cake for me as the most beautiful I've seen in a long time.





  12. thewhitesheep


    Dec 22, 2004



    i just cant get over its beauty
  13. jobu3

    jobu3 Artist formerly known as Big Joe

    Feb 17, 2002
    Mountain Top, PA
    I almost soiled myself after seeing that Roscoe... Then I did soil myself when I saw that Benavente!

    (Runs away awkwardly with legs spread wide so as to minimize contact with poop)

    There is some crazy stuff out there these days!!! :bassist:
  14. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Three way tie. All Dingwalls, though.



    A TBer owns this one, but I can't recall his name:


    If asked to choose which one, I would burst into flames like Dr. Phosphorus, and proceed to level the town. Then probably pick the red one.
  15. Jack


    Sep 6, 2003
    Newcastle, UK
    A TB'er owns a 7 string Listerud that gets my vote.

    Edit - Elros' Listerud
  16. Brad Barker

    Brad Barker

    Apr 13, 2001
    berkeley, ca
    + 1 :eek:

    i'm also partial to hippie sandwich's blue-green wal. :hyper:
  17. ras1983


    Dec 28, 2004
    Sydney, Australia
  18. Oh......My.......Gawd!!!!!


    I love JP's work man! Love it!
  19. I think this one is owned by a TBer from the UK.

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