Show me your powered PA speaker rigs.

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  1. Ok I guess this has been done before but you can't search "PA" so...

    I'm thinking of picking up an EV, QSC or RCF powered speaker to run for home practice, rehearsal and small gigs - for this I currently use a GK Fusion+HS210. (For louder gig situations I have an MPulse+410.) I play electric and upright and would be able to use the PA speaker as a vocal wedge when using my M-Pulse at rehearsals at my place.

    I imagine the wedge would be great with the upright but maybe a bit lacking for the slab.

    I'm thinking the EV ELX112P would be in the sweet spot for price/quality. Would love the QSC but poss a bit too expensive.

    Any advice or war stories appreciated. :) Show us yr PA rigs!
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    The QSC may cost more but it is worth more. Best of the current crop of powered speakers. IMO
  3. CnB77


    Jan 7, 2011
    I have never used them for instruments personally, but I occasionally run some QSC K10 or K12 (forget which offhand) at work and they are the business. Great sound, probably more power than you'll ever need (we use these in sets outdoors and I have never had to go very far up the dial on the mixer; for really big shows we have a different setup). We sometimes use dedicated subs, but even without them the bass is tight and good sounding, just not super deep.
  4. Hey Vin

    I played a festival on the weekend where I was promised backline, but when I showed up I was only given two wedges, an EV 12 for electric and an RCF 12 for the upright. Both worked fine, but thankfully i had my parametric pedal handy to thicken up the electric. The upright was DI'd and fed back into my RCF, which sounded great once it had gone through some eq on the FOH yamaha desk.

    I've actually been using one of Ken G's RCF wedges for some upright gigs, which I like much better than the GK.