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  1. 10 minutes is about as quick as most full bands can change over. There’s more involved than just getting the previous band off the stage. Most venues we play don’t backline drums so the previous bands drums need to be removed and the next bands drums set up and with mics in their place. The next band has to get their pedalboards plugged up, amps on, and line checked as well. But yeah 2-3 minutes to get the previous band off Is absolutely doable if people work together.
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    Feb 5, 2014
    I remember a gig a coupe of years ago..

    It was a three band show and we 're the our soundchek was the last scheduled...

    The band who checked sound before us spent more than one hour and a half .. they played so loud and the sound guy had issues to get a good sound so after 40 minutes he asked the band to start the soundcheck from scratch.. and they played whole songs during the soundcheck. That was a lack of respect for us , the following band..

    All the schedulle was a mees since then.. the venue owner started to yell saying that we have 15 minutes to set the gear and do the soundcheck.. Obviously we take it easy and we spent the time we needed..

    Usually we're very polite and professional but that day we took our revenge and we played the whole set.. after the show while we were putting our gear off stage , they were so pissed off and they started to put his gear while we were onstage..I remember when the other drummer throw his setlist to the floor just over my pedalboard just when I was collecting it from the floor. Disrespectfull.

    A couple of days later, they posted a comment in their facebook acount giving thanks to the promoter, the venue, the soud guy and the headliner band.. they didn't mention us at all. Childish attitude.

    So remember : courtesy starts when you enter in the venue. be kind and friendly, be fast setting your gear and putting it out of the stage, be efficient in the soundcheck ,don't waist other's people time, don't cross the stage while some other band is playing..(it happened to me twice)

    My personal rule is to introduce myself to the sound guy and or the stage manager and after that I call them by their names everytime I need something . They tend to help you if you show some respect for them.
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  3. If you think an hour and a half sound check sounds extreme you should try to open for Vanilla Ice sometime. Holy crap I was about to lose my freaking mind. It was a DJ and one vocal mic. That’s it, and he soundchecked for like 3 hours and really didn’t sound any better after all that because at a certain point the company that was hired to supply and run the pa was like to hell with this guy. I was like “dudes gonna lose his voice before the show even starts” They ended up pushing the door time back and we still didn’t get a decent sound check. More of a quick line check where they just made sure they had signal and tweaked the mix during the show which would have been fine if it was a little show with 150 people but there was over a thousand people there.
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    Apr 13, 2010
    At a small festival we had to contend with the headliner sound checking during our set. We unfriended them on FaceBook afterwards. :)
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  5. “We unfriended them on FB afterwards”

    I’m dying lol you guys are so harsh lol

    On a serious note the most awkward situation I’ve had with soundchecks was waiting for president Bush to finish doing a TV interview back when he was still president. That was kind of weird because they wanted to hurry up and knock out soundcheck but he was across the field and there was some confusion about when he was actually done. Gig was the big 4th of July celebration on Fort Bragg. We opened for Tonic and Lifehouse and to this day was the biggest crowd I’ve ever played for.
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    Apr 13, 2010
    And this wasn't even the band with 2.5 Canadians in!
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