Show up your tone, What bass set up and EQ you use and.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Yunior, Aug 8, 2018.

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  1. Yunior


    Jul 11, 2018
    Canada, Ontario
    Hi all!

    For every bass masters and no so masters like me :) well its for everyone!

    I though will be nice to have a showcase of tones! lest turn on our bass set up/Rig and share our tones that make us proud, maybe with a picture as well attached of the set up and amp EQ that we use, this will be very helpfull for others when searching for a bass rig/amp/cab or just digging for a tone.

    A You Tube link/Video, Audio file, from google drive, Sound cloud or any other possible ways that you can share your sound and tone.

    Think about it!!! how helpfull could it be for you to have tons of rigs sounds available amps/cabs... those that you can't find on youtube so you can listen to it when you were looking to buy this perfect rig!

    You will get as well recomendation and improvement tips.

    My tone is comming soon!
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  2. Kro


    May 7, 2003
    New Jersey
    Looking forward to it. :)

    I like threads like this, mostly just because I like to hear what other TB members sound like. I'm hoping it'll turn out to be like the rig-rundown thread, but with sound clips.

    I may have to prepare something to share at some point...
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  3. Yunior


    Jul 11, 2018
    Canada, Ontario
    Sure thing, thats the idea! i consider this will be big and very helpfull if lots of TB users get involved. I will prepare mine.
  4. I didn't vote, only because I feel that by submitting my personal settings, I'm simply helping research the effects of gasoline on fire...

    That being said, I unfortunately, don't have any way of doing a youtube viddies! As for my with my recordings, the gear I use varies for each project or song, so it would be unfair to post anything that doesn't represent my "basic tone", or "demarkation point, as it were.

    So, for gasoline or flowers, here's my "VERY BASIC RIG" starting point tone rundown;


    FauxFender P-bass/DiMarzio Model P; volume/tone full up


    Yamaha BBN4/DiMarzio Model J set (used with an MXR M81 preamp as a level booster); volume/tone full up on instrument, PUPs selected as needed, all knobs on M81 at noon, with exception of output- 3 pm to full, depending.


    Keeley Bassist Compressor; Ratio 4:1, Threshold at NOON (about -20dB), Output at 1 oclock (about +3-4dB)


    Ampeg SCR-DI; -15db pad engaged. Bass 2 pm, Midrange 10 am, Treble 2 pm. Ultra Lo engaged, Ultra Hi out. Scrambler (when used), Drive between 10 am and noon. Blend same. Output Level, about 2-3 pm.


    Quilter Bass Block 800; Passive Input. Input Level 1 pm, Depth Flat, Contour Flat. Output as needed.

    I haven't provided details on all my effects setting, as they obviously vary per the gig or recording situations...
  5. Yunior


    Jul 11, 2018
    Canada, Ontario
    After a while i promise to bring this here it is!

    Thanks to talkbass recommendations and advice

    Eden-410-bass-cab-angle.jpg 6-string-ibanez-btb-406qm-bass-guitar-americanlisted_37379609.jpg SB500Front_zps67b1196c.jpg

    I've got a Traynor Small block 500, run with 500 watt and 4 Ohms connected to a 4x10 Eden XLT Cab a monster both of them with lots of power and a really low end punchy tone good for slap and funk style but specially for slow song Hillsong kind of songs and church music is best in my opinion as i use it for that and it gives a great tones for this purpose.

    Im using it with an Ibanez old model 6 string bass guitar pretty good bass amazing pickup and tone!

    Ibanez BTB 406 QM

    Here is the Specs for Traynor Small Block 500

    Specs for Eden XLT 4x10 Cab

    Here a small video i made so you can hear and see the actual deal of the sound!

    And this is how I make music.

    Hope this post was useful for someone :)

    SB500Front_zps67b1196c.jpg 6-string-ibanez-btb-406qm-bass-guitar-americanlisted_37379609.jpg

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