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Show us your autographed basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by purfektstranger, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. purfektstranger


    Apr 10, 2003
    Haven't seen this thread before so here goes. Let's see a post of your autographed bass gear. Pickguards/necks/bodies....anything bass related equipment goes!!

    This is a pretty plain Roadstar RB630 signed by Steve Harris. Really a fluke that I was able to meet him but a good memory nonetheless...

  2. Juneau


    Jul 15, 2004
    Dallas, TX.
    My newly de-fretted Ibanez is going to become a signature bass (as well as played hehe). Hopefully going to start it off with Reed Mathis at the end of the month. Im also seeing Chris Wood and Bootsy within the next month, so maybe I'll get lucky there too. Reed's should be easy at the venue he's playing at hehe.
  3. malthumb


    Mar 25, 2001
    The Motor City
    Nathan East and Gerald Veasley on my Hanewinckel


    Stanley Clarke on my (used to be his) Alembic


    Used to have George & Louis Johnson on my other Alembic, but Sharpies ain't as permanent as I thought they were.


  4. Broach_insound


    Jan 25, 2005
    New York
    I will be getting my MIA Fender Jazz deluxe signed by Stanley Clarke but not until July when I go to National Guitar Workshop :bawl:
  5. hippiesandwich


    Aug 29, 2003
    San Jose
    Affiliated with Looperlative Audio Products
    Victor Wooten was kind enough to sign... THE BACK :D
  6. lowphatbass

    lowphatbass ****

    Feb 25, 2005
    west coast
    My only SIG:
  7. Holy sh*t!!!!!!!!!
    That is one beutiful bass, i wouldnt have let ANYONE sign it. What is that for a bass?
  8. j-raj

    j-raj Bassist: Educator/Soloist/Performer Supporting Member

    Jan 14, 2003
    Indianapolis, IN
  9. Bassius


    Nov 6, 2001
    Endorsing Artist: Aguilar amps
    wooten signed my first bass that i got as a kid


  10. bikeplate

    bikeplate Supporting Member

    Jun 7, 2001
    Upstate NY

    The coolest one is Grasshopper's bass on the Bass Central site. He is one of the managers there. He has a ton of signatures. Check it out!! www.basscentral.com

  11. BlackBass9


    Dec 4, 2004
    This is a pretty plain Roadstar RB630 signed by Steve Harris.

    Sweet! Harris is the man!
  12. aleyman

    aleyman Guest

    Nov 1, 2002
    My $25 dollar Hondo fame signed by Atom. From Atom and his Package.


  13. Rockgurl


    Dec 17, 2004
    CT, USA
    Crap! I just posted this pic on the headstock thread. Oh well...you'll have to see it again then! LOL

    Warwick founder Hans Peter Wilfer signed my bass, as it's number 3 of 319 made. There are only 83 in America.

  14. purfektstranger


    Apr 10, 2003
    That is pretty sweet. Should hang on to that for good!
  15. andysvec

    andysvec Supporting Member

    billy sheehan, from when Mr. Big came here years ago.

    Attached Files:

  16. My guitar is signed by Les Claypool, Buckethead and Brain...but I don't have any basses signed.
  17. Nobody wants to answer me on what bass that hippiesandwich has haha? That thing is sweet! I recognize the style but cant think of the brand.
  18. AB53211


    Apr 15, 2004
    its a Benavente
  19. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    No basses signed, but I have drumheads, postcards, drumsticks and photos signed.
  20. Cerb


    Sep 27, 2004
    Not only is it a Benevente, it's by far the nicest looking Benevente ever made. Every time I see that bass I almost cry because I don't own it.