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  1. I was wondering how Jaco gets that amzing shrill in opus pocus. I just am unable to do it. Never seen it done, and the only audio representation I know of where its used is opus pocus.
  2. I guess no one knows how to produce a shrill with their bass.
  3. is that a kind of bird? ...
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    NO - nobody knows what on earth you mean by "shrill" - I've never seen this term used with regard to bass technique in 20 years of studying it? "Shrill" to me, means piercing, high-pitched and all sorts of things that are quite the opposite to bass!

    You may be confusing this word with "trill" which is used in music and means a sort of repetitive pattern which is like a very fast ostinato repeating quickly between 2 or more notes, usually as a sort of decoration.

    OK - so I know the tune mentioned quite well - the only thing I can guess you mean is where he slides a chord (probably more accurately, a double-stop) upwards at the end of the phrase. It's usually called legato or portamento, but it's interesting in that Jaco plays a sort of dischord which shifts though the slide.

    If that's not it, then I still don't know what you mean. :rolleyes:
  5. I believe "shrill" is actually an adjective. So as the grammar police I will arrest this thread.