Shure In-ear headphones and eyeglasses

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  1. Posting here because this is NOT about Shure IEMs for stage use.

    I'm shopping for wireless in-ear headphones for general music listening and the Shures look interesting. Naturally, none of the humans on the web site are wearing eyeglasses. The Aonic model 215 has clips which go over the ear. I like the idea, but I'm wondering how they work with eyeglasses. I'm looking for input from anyone who's tried them.

    Adjusting my eyeglasses to accommodate the clips isn't an option. (Someone already suggested it).

    AONIC 215, Gen 2 - True Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones, Gen 2
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    It sure ain’t about basses either :D
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  3. No, but if there's a better online place to find people who listen to music, I haven't found it.
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