Shure PSM200 huge noise problem

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  1. Hi

    Seven or eight years ago, I bough a used PSM200 system, and used it for several years. But about a year or two ago, it started having a problem I don't understand, and despite my best efforts to find a solution online, it appears I'm the only one with this problem (something I don't believe can be true).

    Symptoms are very simple and are easily reproduced. I start using the system (on any channel free channel), and about 20 minutes later, it happens all of a sudden: I start hearing A LOT of white noise, and the system becomes unusable. I shut it down for half an hour, and we're back to square one. Rinse, and repeat.

    I bought a battery tester, just to make sure I was using full batteries. Tonight, refusing to let it go, I went through the manual yet another time, and realized I own the European version (*-R8) with all channels located in the low 800 MHz. I don't think this is a real problem as all eight channels are always clear of interference when I test them, but I might be wrong.

    Anybody has experienced something like this before?
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    Other than operating in a closed FCC frequency reserved for emergency services, who may be stomping on your system...nothing comes to mind.
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    Anytime you get something like that, where the problem is reliably repeated, it most likely means it’s time to put it out to pasture. You can probably find another used one for what a repair would cost.

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  4. Something happily weird happened last night. I played in wired mode for a while (the body pack has a jack input for that). I wanted to test if it would generate any noise by itself. Without any surprises, it went pretty well.

    Then I went back in wireless mode, scanned the channels (all free of interference), went for channel 2 for no good reason, and started playing. An hour later, I was still playing, and had encountered no problem at all.

    This could be purely coincidental, or going on wired mode might have reset "something" that fixed my problem. I don't have a clue. I will at least bring it back to practice and see where it takes me. It might fail again in two days for all I know.

    Anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and for contributing. Much appreciated.