For Sale Shure PSM600 iem

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  1. Tommy Nat

    Tommy Nat

    Feb 16, 2008
    Cherry Hill, NJ
    New Jersey
    Great unit. Best sounding iem system I've used. This one falls under the 600mhz fcc auction/reassignment as it uses 642 & 646 mhz. I don't know enough about the rules to know when these freqs will be affected but shure tells me they're probably safe through 2019, depending on your location. It's been fine and has never dropped signal or had any interference thus far. I was considering getting the trade in rebate towards a new system, but looking to go back to a wired iem system for cost/ease. No earbuds included. I have the bodypack, receiver, rack ears & antenna extension. I cant find the screws for the rack ears though. $300 shipped con us paypal preferred.


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