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Shut down my amps...rig advice needed

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Magman, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. I had a jam with a guitarist and drummer for first time in ages last night, and plan on having more.

    I like a bassy, thick overdriven sound and play 5 string fretless, and we all wear earplugs.

    Current rig (all bought used at low price except avatar) is a sansamp and mxr m80 into Peavey mark 6 into an avatar 210, and a crest audio vs900 into a homebrew 115 kappa pro cab.

    on paper and in real life this sounds like it should be rather effective, however....


    - run full range, the 210 starts barfing a bit, not surpising considering the delta's are pretty bad at low bass. Peavey has a cross over so I ran that and biamped from 500hz up... results in a lot of volume slighty, and silly to have such a large cabinet doing so little work (a much smaller sealed box with some screamers in would suffice)
    - after an hour or so of running the crest bridged at full whack it shutdown, trying to keep inputs below clipping. Yes I know --- "don't do that". I won;t in future.

    - accidently blocked underside air ports on peavey. Cue weird burning smell and amp starting to crap out after an hour. Yes I know.... "DONT DO THAT SILLY SILLY MAN":bag:
    Still don;t know if theres permanent damage or not.

    - with rig cranked it was loud enough to be heard over drummer and guitarist with 50 watt 212 amp. There is definitely quite a bit of beef - plenty of times backed off on volume knob for quieter bits.
    But it still didn't have the floor shaking, loin rumbling oooommmph that I really want, really feeling the low registers, like I've felt at some gigs (admittedly, all with large PA systems).

    Is a stupidly non-portable rig the only option for that kind of depth? Local music go round has a pair of rather large old BW118 peavey subs for only 250. Maybe one of those will get the sort of bottom I'm looking for, but its getting into fridge territory. I suppose I could leave one at rehersal basement semi-permanently

    Go forward plans:
    - I'm thinking of swapping the deltas for kappa pros's in the 210, so its full range, and perhaps sticking one of the spare deltas in a little sealed box and running a crossover between it and 115. The deltas really just seem wrong for the type of sound I use.

    - Get a limiter to stop wild peaks. Then just use the crest to go into both cabs.

    - just accept I can't have as deeper B string as I would like and worry more about midbass impact.

    - is there a two cab configuration of some sort which is just going to 'do it' for me? maybe 2x 212 avatars, or a 118 and a 2x210's or something. Or a 215 and a 210.

    I know all this will sound a bit silly to many of you, but I can;t be the only one who runs into these problem. Its not about deafening people...but really feeling those deep notes without maxing out a 1000 watt poweramp, and just having plenty 'in hand'.

  2. Crockettnj


    Sep 2, 2005
    North NJ
    you mention an 118. there is an accugroove gordo riht now on the classifieds. therea is also a plethora of amps/poweramps. jsut a heads up on the earth shaking gordo.
  3. Plain Old Me

    Plain Old Me

    Dec 14, 2004
    If you are on a budget, Ear Candy cabs sould like a match for you, but they have little to no highs...
  4. Thats a little steep in price for me.

    A couple of the bill fitz maurice horn loaded boxes should do the trick, but I just don;t have the time to dedicate to much building.

    I'm thinking maybe converting the 210 to 8ohms (maybe with neos), perhaps getting a 212 8ohms and having both on one side of the poweramp, and the 115 on the other.
    I'd rather have several smaller lighter boxes than one refridgerator.

    Speaker surface area maybe more valuable in this case than having lots of watts.

    The first harmonic of low B after the fundamental is around 60hz I guess -- maybe worth working at getting a lot of ooomph in the 50-100hz range, and basically forgetting about sub 40hz stuff. When I'm recording I can get a good fat B string DI tone, and I know that this is not from the fundamental, for the most part.