Shuttle 6.2 vs TH500?

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  1. I've been cruising some threads trying to get a feel for how they might compare but I haven't really gotten it yet. Thoughts?
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    Couldn't be more different. I used a TH briefly in a blues/rock setting. Thick, full, nice low mid punch. Not much top end clarity. I owned a Shuttle for about as long. High mids and tons of clarity. Lows are there, but not like the TH. Didn't have the thick mids going on either. I that setting I greatly preferred the TH. Ended up sticking with my GK in the long run though...
  3. Not exactly the same comparison, but I previously had a Shuttle 6.0, and then moved into a TH350. The Shuttle 6.0 was a fantastic sounding head for clean, clear tones. It also seemed to work well with effects, and I loved the feature set that included the aux in and headphone out. I should also mention that it was loud as ****. My only complaint, if you want to call it that, is that I wanted a rounder, fatter tone, and it just wouldn't get there. I usually ran it with the gain dimed, and lots of added lows and low mids to try and get the tone I was looking for…and never really quite matched it. In that way, it reminded me a bit of my SWR Redhead, where I used to have to run a tube overdrive pedal in front of it to warm it up.

    Then I bought the TH350, and there it was - this gorgeous, fat, round, punchy, gritty tone. I just run the head with all the controls at noon, and BAM, its perfect. It is also shockingly loud for a tiny little amp, but man oh man, I've hit tonal nirvana with this head.

    I play blues/rock mainly, so the TH350 is perfect for me. I can imagine that someone who is playing a style like jazz or fusion may prefer the Shuttle. That said, there are lots of comments on threads around here from guys who love the TH heads with their uprights and in all sorts of diverse musical settings.

    IMO (if you can't already tell), while the Shuttle is a solid second place in my preferred/recommended amps list, the TH is *the* one.
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    I used to have a Shuttle 6 (I used it with an Epifani PS210) and now I have a TH500 (that I use with two Aguilar DB112 cabinets). I wouldn't say that the TH500 lacks top end clarity. The Shuttle definitely has more top end, but the TH500 has more than enough when you need it, and is plenty clear up there. To me, the high end on the Shuttle was a little too glassy/brittle for my taste. Overall, it's probably a bit more "hi-fi" sounding than the TH, and if you're looking for a more modern sound, it may be a better choice. But I play all sorts of different styles, and the TH500 always sounds fantastic.
  5. In my first post I compare the GB Shuttle 9.2 to the TH-350

    goes like this...

    I took delivery of an Aguilar Tone Hammer 350 a few months back and well, fell in love... amazing, dare I say 'organic and earthy' tones, and clean ones too, that I had been missing with my SS gear.
    I Had played through a few tube heads and larger SS rigs when the opportunity presented itself at gigs,but until these micro class D guys came along (oh and TalkBass obsession) I just didn't feel compelled to upgrade my amps.
    So after taking the plunge into class D and having such an amazing result with the TH-350, the GB Shuttle 9.2 goes on sale, and the awesome guys at the 'the Bass Place' sorted me out with shipping to Australia. Thanks guys !
    Six days later !!! and I'm unboxing my second class D amp, and following a minor hiccup (thanks Andy ) I was up and running my new GB shuttle 9.2... wow...

    I can now understand all the 'high power headroom' talk that goes on around here (hearing it with my own cabs), EDIT: Don't get me wrong, the TH-350 is no slouch and not underpowered, just that extra juice feels different... and I am so happy that the two amps are different enough and so capable that barring any unforeseen issues, will keep me in tone heaven for a long time...
    The Genz is so articulate and tight that I just can't wait to gig it. And the huge headroom really gives notes authority, if that makes sense... I know it's very early days, but crikey, first impressions are huge and impressive. I tip my hat to both the Genz and Aguilar guys... top shelf gear...

    I love them both, and now pumping both through two Aggie DB112NT's....

    In a word both amps sound STUNNING !

  6. I would guess you would love the TH500. About the same output as the Shuttle 9.2, but with that fat Aguilar tone. The TH350 is more comparable to the 6.2 in absolute output (which is impressive). Interestingly, the 6.2 and TH350 share the same ICE power module, as do the TH500 and 9.2. Both lines have great power management also... hard to compress or limit, even when really pushed.

    All very nice... +1, with the Shuttles being 'tighter and brighter' than the fat, organic, punchy TH's.

    To the OP, the 6.2 was a VERY nice upgrade to the original Shuttle 6, and is now tonally a lower powered Shuttle 9/9.2. So, if you have heard the 9 or 9.2, or read reviews of that, the 6.2 sounds the same, with a bit less power and headroom. I would think not many 6.2's were produced before the shutdown of Genz, so might be hard to find. You would be identically happy with the Shuttle 9 or 9.2 (very little difference between the 9 and 9.2).
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    The 6.2's and 9.2's came out before the Streamliners so there should be a supply of them out there.
  8. I don't think that was the case, but might be wrong. I remember having my Streamliner quite a bit (maybe a year) before Genz sent me the new Shuttle 6.2 to review (those new Shuttle 112's are really nice sounding). Not sure though, been a while.

    Anyway, if the OP can find a 6.2 at a good price, it is an impressive head, and very differently voiced from the TH heads. Since the pricing is so good on these now, I'd go for the 9.2 myself.
  9. You are spot on KJ...
    I should have got the TH-500, but it was impatience and limited funds that picked the TH-350 (sale price on Amazon was just too good, covered the usual price of shipping to Australia) but the TH-350 is one hell of a great amp (as you know), maybe a TH-500 will join the little guy next year... ;)

    Also, agree with what you said and advised the OP... +1
  10. The 350 hammers a lot harder than its power rating would suggest for sure. You might not even notice the difference, unless you are running it wide open at its limits on most gigs. Nice pair of heads you have there. That kind of 'covers the waterfront' on bright, modern clean tone, and fat, chewy 'modern meet vintage' sort of tone. I do the same thing with my Glockenklang Blue Soul and Aguilar TH500. Kind of covers both ends of the tonal spectrum for me, depending on my mood and what instrument I choose to play, and the requirements of a given gig.
  11. Again, we agree... Same criteria for me on choice of head for a given gig, and now cabs too.
    I feel very spoilt these days, for years I gigged with the same gear and basses, finding TB made me realise a whole new bunch of gear existed and re-ignited the passion for the gear end of things... It's been a crazy good two years albeit a little costly, but zero complaints. I feel I chose wisely thanks to the tons of info available here... Nice one !
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    To the OP, be aware that the Shuttle 6.0 and 6.2 are VERY different. I had a 6.0 and hated it. I found it lacked bottom and thickness, which I am getting in spades from a 6.2. Take this into account when reading reviews.
  13. +1 Per my post above, the 6.2 is now voiced identically to the 9/9.2, and it is IMO a VERY nice upgrade and improvement. There is little difference between the Shuttle 9 and 9.2, but BIG differences in voicing between the 6 and 6.2
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    I don't question that these amps use the same power module but how do you account for the 400 watt difference in the power rating between the TH500 and the Shuttle 9.2? I'm surprised that Genz would over rate their amps by that much.
  15. Well, the Demeter Minnie 800 also uses this power module. Lots can be done on the backend to modify the output, and there are also different standards of measuring and reporting power (different THD levels, different frequency ranges and where the output power is measured). The GK MB500 uses the same ICE power module as the TH350, the Shuttle 6.2 and the Streamliner600. All these amps are loud as heck! Genz has a VERY good power management system in their amps... they sound good when pushed a bit.

    In my experience, any of these amps would be loud enough for virtually 90% of the players out there in 95% of gigging situations.

    Not doggin' any of them. Lots of different stuff with power management going on under the hood. That being said, having owned a couple of the Genz 9 series amps and now gigging with the TH500, I don't notice a lot of difference in maximum output capability. That could be at least partially due to me using the typical 4ohm 410 or 212, which most likely couldn't use any more than 500 or 600 watts in any case.

    One thing for sure, IMO and IME, the Aguilar heads seem VERY conservatively rated to me, and there is a sense and a feel to them of 'not getting much past idle' when pushed. Ice cold at the end of the night, and no change in tonality (compression, etc.) when pushed toward the end of the night.

    That all being said, if you can afford it, I always recommend the higher wattage Genz heads over their lower wattage versions.
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    Good info. I recently purchased a 6.2 and 9.2 (couldn't beat the prices). My plan is to use them as power amps for Monique. Thanks Ken!
  17. Great heads! Enjoy! I have a DeMonique on the way as we speak!
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    So my rig right now is a Bag End S15 set with a Genz ShuttleMAX 12.0. I would say that I am fairly satisfied with it. It's real musical. But I'm minimalist at heart and the Genz head is overkill in the sense that I don't need that much power or all those features. I end up running both cabs out of one side of the head because I think it sounds better that way (probably an impedance issue, the head probably likes the 4 ohm load). Also, the cabs are rated at 300w, so running each one with a 600w amp seems like a recipe for disaster. Also, I never use the footswitch or the FET channel. I mainly only use the tube side of the Genz, with the gain set quite high (as high as possible before unmusical artifacts creep in). I roll off the treble a bit, everything else is flat.

    I have a chance to pick up a lightly used demo TH500 head. I'm definitely intrigued by the responses to this thread. I'm definitely more old school. I don't do much slapping these days (usually only when recording but not live). My current gig is with a blues-based classic rock style band. I'll definitely take as much fat mids as I can get.

    It kind of sounds like the TH500 might be a good fit for me, or at least worth investigating. KJung, you da man. What do you think?

  19. Hello. First, I assume your cabs are 8ohms. So, remember, the Shuttle Max 12 is 600 per side at 4ohms per side. So, you are actually driving those cabs with 300-350 watts each or so (8ohms per side)... about the same wattage as the TH500 (maybe a touch more, but zero issue). So, no issue there.

    I love recommending new gear to guys, and I love the TH500, but with those particular cabs (very mid present and relaxed up top, assuming you don't have the 'x' version), I can't imagine anything sounding better with them than the Max you have. If you want a smaller footprint, about the same volume output, and don't need the top end capability of the Shuttle Max, I think you would be happy with the TH500.

    In this case, I wouldn't do it. The Shuttle Max is a large head, but stupid lightweight, and the TH500 is not small enough to fit in a bass bag accessory pocket. So, you aren't really gaining any 'positive schlep-age'.
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    Thanks KJung.

    One clarification... I am running both cabs (4 ohm total load) into one side of the Genz. That just sounds better to my ears than running each cab into its own output. I don't know if it's a coherency thing (probably not likely) or a load thing (more likely that the Genz sounds better to me running a 4 ohm load).

    In you opinion, is the TH500 controlled enough on the low end to work well with the Bag End cabs? I know from past experience with two Thunderfunks, that vintage style sloppy output sections aren't to my liking.

    I'm kind of leaning toward trying a TH500 just for grins. Depending on the actual deal (and there's one for sale right now in the classifieds), making a change probably only costs me $100 or so. If I buy right and end up not liking the TH500, flipping it should cost very little.

    As always, I really appreciate your thoughtful and honest opinions. Be well.