Shuttle 6 vs Bmax T

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  1. I have money burning a hole in my pocket and was wondering about the sound of the shuttle vs the bmax T.

    I have the bmax t and a QSC power amp which will do 1200 watts, but the size and weight of the shuttle is making me lose sleep.

    So I have a few questions:

    Quality of the shuttle: Does it overheat easily when run at the proper load range?

    Sound of the shuttle: Does it do more than the bmax T? Does it match the clarity of the bmax?

    Lastly, does anyone have any inside photos of the shuttle 6.0?

    I am happy with the bmax T, but the size and weight of the rack is making me reconsider as my main gigs are at churches with mainly acoustic instruments. I have no dealers around here, so I will have to buy blind. Your opinions will really help me here.

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    The Shuttle 6.0 slams... don't let the size fool you. I can get many tones from it with minimal putsing and it always sounds great. I use it on the beach 5 days a week in the sun and there are NO heat issues. Sorry, I don't have insode pictures.
  3. Fretlessboy, you just made me want this amp even more.

    When the time comes and if there aint a seal on it, TB will get some pictures.

    I have one pending an offer... come on Monday!

    Do you miss the compressor at all or does the tube take care of most of it?

    On my Bmax T, I have the compressor on but the knob turned all the way down.
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    I salm my Shuttle 4-6 days a week.. It is fantastic!.. I also have a rack with an old tube alembic f2b pre into a crown.. and the shuttle has replaced that .... Its pretty loud too.. The para mid helps in difficult situations. great DI out... its my main amp now...and it fits in a gig bag pocket if you are flying somewhere....
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    I used to own the bmax solid state pre and I grew very frustrated with it as I could not get any growl from it. The tone stack seems to lean towards a bit of a scooped sound unless the para mids are dimed right out.

    I liked the built in compressor but grew to really dislike the BBE process as it added to the mid suck effect. It was indeed a nicely built unit and perfect for a certain tone.

    The Shuttle which I now have and adore, is very different in its basic tone. Much warmer and growlier and the para mid section is much more powerful and musical then the one in the Bmax. I know i am comparing the solid state Bmax to the Shuttle, but the eq section and basic design were very similar to the Bmaxt without the tube pre amp.

    The tube pre amp in the Shuttle is very sweet. I love the way the input volume can be set to really slam the tube without it actually breaking up. The Shuttle is freakin loud and punchy for its size and truly is what you would expect powerwise from a 600 watt amp.

    My "big rig" is an Eden Navigator with a QSC PLX 1804 and although, its very nice, the Shuttle gets most of my playing time these days.

    Hope that somehow informative in some way. :)
  6. I had both Bmaxes I am having the same difficulty with the mids. Sounds great, but I still want more. My mids are at 10 and my para boost is wide open.

    So I should have no problem getting "air" into my sound with the shuttle?