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Siegmund Midnight Blues Breaker w/ JBL D130 15"

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by meestro, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. meestro


    Dec 2, 2008
    If some of you are familiar with Siegmund's stuff...you're probably thinking "The guy makes guitar amps...not for bass". I made sure to consult with him before plugging in, but he said my existing rig would actually go very well with bass as the JBL is a full range speaker. He was right! I have a Midnight Bluesbreaker Octal custom (v1 tube is a 6SL7 octal tube, then a couple mullards, and KT66's currently...solid state plug rectifier). The cabinet is one he made from solid African Mahogany. Same dimensions as an AC-30 extension cabinet, but as if it was on it's side...houses an original JBL D130 from 1950, I believe. The 2 are a match made in heaven! The 'Blues Breaker' is differentiated from his Midnnight Blues line because it has the lower output transformer (35 or so watts max). A lot of people go for the larger 60w, or 100w models. I don't have the master turned up more than 4 and it's already crankin! The higher output Kent Armstrong P Bass pickup helps keep it hot, too.

    It's my main guitar rig (acoustic and electric), and has been also a highly commissioned go-to keyboard rig lately. Definitely a full range amp and speaker setup. Perfect for recording or a live rig where you can mic the amp. I wouldn't want to crank the master too heavily, as I wouldn't want to have such low end constantly pounding the JBL. If I had a larger power transformer, I would probably push 2 JBL's, or maybe 1 JBL and 2 10"s.

    This thing is SOOO warm. SOOO detailed. Usually the two don't work quite well, but it doesn't have the brittleness of a modern rig...Adds some nice hair to the cleans w/ a warm natural overdrive if you wish to push it.

    I highly recommend considering the same setup for all bass players!


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