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  1. Hi folks. Here's my question: I am running 4 basses, 2 active and 2 passive, through a tube preamp, into a Bassman 100. I was thinking about running a Pod through the effects loop, as this would enable me to have a few channels for eac instrument, but equalize the output levels before the ampstage. Then, my EMG loaded bass is the same volume as my passive 60's reissue, at the flick of a switch.
    My question is, is there such a thing as too much preamp? This setup would mean 2, sometimes 3 preamps before the amp section! I know I will have to watch my gain structure, but am I going to be sounding like I'm playing next to Niagra Falls?
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    Oct 18, 2002
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    it depends on where you use the gain. if you use a lot of it on all of your preamps, then you'll have a problem. Why don't you try an A/B/Y switch or something. You can have your preamps hooked up parallel, in a fashion. If you have a switch box, you can use one preamp with the actives, and one with the passive ones. Try that.
  3. Ahhh..but that would defeat the entire purpose...
    The idea is:

    Tube preamp: (For tube sound)
    Amp Input
    FX LOOP Out--------- POD(Channel Switching + EQ
    and volume level)
    I I
    FX Loop in ----------------------I To DI
    Amp section (Master Volume)

    This would enable me to a)Have the tube sound going to input, b)have all the channel switching, with POD sounds, c)control all volume disparity at the POD, before going to DI.
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    A couple of comments:

    If you want to use a tube preamp for that "tube sound", why not replace your Bassman 100 with a power amp and separate speaker cab, thus eliminating one preamp.

    If you're using the BassPod, is the tube preamp really necessary, since there are so many sounds available in the Pod?

    What you're suggesting probably works, but it does put a lot of stuff in the signal chain.

    My goal is purity. I want the true sound of my bass coming out of the speakers.

  5. I could, but one of the factors involved is cost. My bassman 100 was free, and I get a staff discount on the line6 (I work at a music store). basically, I can have this ENTIRE thing, having only paid for 2 of the basses, the tube preamp at cost, and the pod at cost. Basically under 500 bucks for the amp setup., and under 2k for the basses.
    I love my job