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    Sep 30, 2001
    hello all....
    i have a question about the signal-to-noise ratio specifications of some amps.
    i noticed that there's a big variance between amps...

    swr bass 350: >72 dB
    ampeg b2r: >75 dB
    gk 400rb: >90dB

    that seems like a big difference to me.
    now, when it comes to my recording gear, a s/n ratio of 72 would not be acceptable (obviously).

    is this spec not as big a deal when it comes to bass amps? (i realize that in most situations my playing environment is loud enough where it may not make a noticeable difference - but that spec still bothers me)

    thanks in advance for your insight!

  2. I think that's signal to noise ratio at max power, so a more powerful amp putting out the same volume level of noise in the background will have the higher S/N ratio. That may explain some of the discrepancy.

    When you're talking about 1000 Watt amps, that's a lot of signal volume to just a little noise volume.