Silk purse out of a Sow's ear.

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  1. Can you make a good bass out a cheap one by replacing the pickups and pre-amp?

    I have a OLP MM3, and was wondering if I put some decent pups in it like norstrands or Kent Armstrong customs and also changed the pre out for a nice one like the ACG/John East filter pre would the rest of the bass benefit from it.

    Or, would I just be better selling the OLP putting all the money together and simply buying a better bass.

    Opinions and discussion welcome.


  2. You can but I would consider thinking about how much you paid for the bass and how much it will cost to put the electronics in it. Personally I would just change the pickup since I think that would have the largest effect. Also consider how much you like the bass. If you really like the bass and see yourself keeping it for a long time,then it could be worth it.
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    Yeah, it's definitely an improvement but you also have to deal with things like action and setup too. You could put Sadowsky parts in it but it won't sound and feel like a Sadowsky if it's set up like a Squire.
  4. Sell the OLP, gather all your money and get a better bass.
  5. Guys

    Many thanks for your views, they confirm what I was starting to think so I will hold fire on any changes to the OLP and start looking around for something new.