silly Eden WT800 question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by nil, Dec 5, 2001.

  1. I play my WT800 generally with the pre-amp gain maxxed, and the master sitting at around 9pm.

    Occasionally I get the output limit light coming on at this level. But it seems that even with the limiter active, I can still push the master volume more and more and achieve more volume.

    Shouldn't the limiter be preventing this? Or is it limiting a certain range of frequencies? I'm just afraid that i'm pushing the beast a bit too hard.
  2. Which limiter light? The ones on the far left next to the gain knob, or the ones over on the far right over by the switch. If you're talking about the one on the left, thats just clipping the pre-amp, and if your compressor is on, its just balancing out the freq. but if its the one's on the far right, i believe that you're pushing the power amp too hard, and the limiter is choping off the harmful frequencys.

    My question : why do you have the gain maxed? do you want the compressor on the WHOLE time? I find that if i have the gain at 11 o'clock, and have the master to suit, it works great. Never needed to go past 12 o'clock yet with the master.
  3. It's the power amp limiter lights - either channel does it at the same level, so i'm pretty sure it's not channel-specific. I'm not pushing the EQ at all, and never get the EQ clip light on...

    I also run with the compressor off 99% of the time.

    Gain is only maxxed when I use my wireless - I have to keep the input level of the wireless down a bit to stop clipping (on the wireless receiver) when i'm really digging in...consequently the output from the wireless is lower than direct-cable.

    If i'm running non-wireless, I set the gain at 2pm/3pm to get the 12ax7 working hard and give me a bit more grit.

    I don't have to go over 9pm/10pm on the master to get sufficient volume, it's just that even at those levels often the limit lights come on...

    Does the limiter actually only limit certain frequencies, or the whole signal (like my old Ampeg B2R)? If it's only certain frequencies, then that would explain why pushing the master will still provide more volume...