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  1. stevensivak


    Dec 24, 2014
    As a returning student of electric bass I would like to incorporate using the Tascam GB10 to help learn songs and riffs at a slower rate. Is it possible to plug my bass into this unit and then plug the unit into the amp in order to hear both through a old practice amp- one that does not have much in the way of features.....

    thanks for the help!

  2. JimmyM

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    You'd need a 1/8"-1/4" adapter to come out of the headphone/line out jack. Someone more familiar with it than me would have to tell you whether you need a tip/sleeve plug or a tip/ring/sleeve plug, but it definitely looks doable.
  3. Or use headphones.
  4. BazzTard

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    +1 for headphones because thru your amp you are trying to put a stereo mix thru one speaker cab,and with the bass over the top of it , it may sound horrible. it will work though, try it.
  5. stevensivak


    Dec 24, 2014

    not a big fan of headphones....

    before taking a long break, I had a cassette deck that I played through a SWR Redhead, but
    it was a modern combo amp and what I have is not....

    The sound was fine, for what it was....
  6. Zos Kia Cultus

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    Nov 9, 2007
    Headphones will be your best bet. If you decide against them, the adapters you will need to make it work with your amp are very inexpensive.