silly sound question and trace elliot unknown - a whole lot of questions :)

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  1. hi guys!
    first, i've got a silly question about a bass sound. i know a lot of bass players dislike those questions, but i dare to ask...
    i've put up a sound file:
    does anyone know how i can get a sound like that? i play a yamaha sbv - sounds like a fender jazz bass.
    what do i need? a tube amp? what about highs and middles and stuff like that?
    i'd be really glad if someone could give my some tips. - you might have noticed, i'm not the best at bass - technical - stuff :(

    now, i've got another question... does anyone know this trace elliot bass amp? and could give me some information like watts, ohms or something?

    thanks a lot, guys, i hope i didn't waste your time too long
    greets from switzerland, the country where everyone consists of snow
  2. I vote P bass style instrument or pick ups for the tone you want. Sounds like the bassist is using a pick as well.
  3. BassMann2112


    Jun 21, 2002
    That's a series 6 Trace. I'm not too sure about how many watts it is. You can tell by looking at the back pannel. It should by fit for 4 or 8 ohms automatically, unless it's sterio.
    I just bought myself a V4 all tube Trace Elliot amp today and it's awesome!
    thought I would share that with you :D