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Silvertone Model 1483 (vintage)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mon Rominee, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, I was just given a really old Silvertone (by Sears) Model 1483 amplifier. The limited info I found on the web placed it as a 105 watt bass head (also sometimes favored by harmonica players) , hence my starting this thread. I've been cleaning it up, but I have not turned it on yet...I'm a little hesitant, as it's been sitting in a cellar forever and want to have a friend go thru it beforehand. I've read the caps were prone to failure, so that may need to be replaced, no biggie.

    Does anyone have one of these? Anyone have any idea of what this puppy is worth? It's in extremely clean shape for its age (and has original "made for Ampeg by Magnavox" 6L6's in it!!!!) and if it's worth my while, I'm going to hunt down the matching 115 cab for it....

    Any help would be awesome. In the time being, it's off for a date with a multimeter. v:O)~

  2. I'm not knowing of a lot of these things, but...

    Is it the grey "tolex" type stuff? The cabinet is made of particle board?

    Usually they're pretty cool, of course you'll have to replace some components, specifically leaky caps... Those things are usually Valco made- pretty cool.

    I used to have a "Bassman" version of a Silvertone, 2 6L6's into a 1x15 cab that the head fit into. Great sounding amp- into a different cab.

    Don't get the cabinet wet. Change out the caps. Change out the 2 prong plug.
  3. And don't feed it after midnite??? ;)

    Ah...just replied to the PM. Thanks for the info...yeah, greyish-black toex, particleboard galore. Should be intereseting once it's fired up...I'll see if it'll drive the 610HLF and crank it...I hope to get some ungodly creamy distortion outta it.... I'll be al like Timmy C from Rage and have 2 - 3 rigs onstage, and then brag how I re-wired the whole thing... ;)
  4. Again, watch it for the possibly leaked caps and the non-grounded plug!

    Like Herbie Hancock once said- "Rockit." :D
  5. I should change the name of this thread to "AguilarHartkeEuphonicAvatar3500-2x12"

    Then I'd get more replies.

    Sometimes this site is hopeless. ;)

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