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  1. Hi, I am looking for advice for a very simple and affordable combo or head and cab for rock music (Kings of Leon, Bush, classic rock, etc). I have a very low budget but I was looking to upgrade from my Ampeg B108. I would like it to be as simple as possible (I don't like many knobs or controls) and be quiet enough for practice at home. If its possible, I'd like to maybe be able to jam with the same amp with friends in a band. Current pass is a regular 2007 MIM Pbass. Any advice on what to look for when purchasing a amp or specific amps selections is very appreciated.
  2. RoadRanger

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    IMO the bare minimum is something that puts 200w into two drivers. There are lots of combos and head/cab(s) that meet that. OTOH if you're really strapped a Peavey TNT 115 combo can be found cheap used and is OK for a reasonable band. Unfortunately stoopid loud it don't do - and many younger bands seem hell-bent on being deaf by 25 :facepalm: then wonder why venues won't hire them just because 80% of the crowd runs for the doors when they fire up :roflmao:.
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    What's your budget? A lot depends on that, how loud the rest of the band is, and if you're going to be gigging with the amp or perhaps just practice and home use.
  4. Thanks guys. Home use for sure, but was hoping to be able to take it to band practice if possible. Band setting wouldn't be very loud, just medium to soft rock setting. Budget is below $800 CAD, the less expensive the better.
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  5. Linnin


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    Just pick any Fender Rumble that suits your purposes and pocketbook.
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  6. Either a rumble, or just peruse kijiji until you find something that feels right. Just try it before you buy it and don't be afraid to negotiate.
  7. RoadRanger

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    Feb 18, 2004
    NE CT
    If you're in Canada (eh? ;) ) definitely check out Yorkville and Traynor.
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  8. I've owned a GK MB200 for the last two and a half years as my practice amp to be used with a pair of headphones.

    I'm on a tight budget but I've recently managed to find two Peavey HL210 cabs for $300CAD. This way I can either use my amp with one cab (125w thru 2x10's) or two (200w thru 4x10's) when needed.

    You might want to consider a setup like mine for your needs, maybe?
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    Might consider the BA210 v2 or the BA115 v2. BA210 is more wattage and lighter, but it's also $100 more expensive. BA115 is 150w but gets a pretty good head of steam and sounds like a bigger version of the BA108. But no matter what you get, they all have volume knobs so they can all be used at low volumes.
  10. Planespotter


    Oct 11, 2015
    An Ampeg B-100R might do the trick. I paid $250 used for mine years ago. It's a pretty loud 100w and sounds really good too. It won't keep up in really high volume situations but then very few bass combos can.
  11. Funkmabassup


    Jul 16, 2013
    The fender rumble series is really the best bag for buck, lowest weight/highest power/best sound for the buck, simply unbeatable!
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  12. JGR

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  13. NickFromNY

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    Nov 2, 2010
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    That is roughly $600 us, correct? For that amount you can find a used GK Backline 600 head (easily found for $150 used) or a used Ampeg PF 350 and your choice of used cabs to go with it.
  14. edencab


    Aug 14, 2013
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    Their stuff is Killer!.......great powerful combos and similar for their heads
    Traynor Amps perfect for you, a shade over $500 on Canada, 25lbs 200watts/250 Burst..and these are "Traynor"watts....they are louder ;).......they have a 15" model $550
    and you can jam with these for sure...
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  15. Big Hoss

    Big Hoss Up note, down note, blue note, brown note...

    How much are you looking to spend? And how are you defining a rock band? A bunch of guys doing Beatles, or Elvis covers and the bass player can get away with a 100 watt 1x12 pretty easily. Doing Metallica? You are going to need a lot more power, and a lot more speaker.

    Generally speaking a 200 watt combo like the Fender Rumble V3 200 combo is a great option, enough power to do pretty much any gig you want to, with XLR out to go into a board for FOH if you are doing bigger gigs. More than enough stage volume and tone for days.
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  16. lazarusdoom

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    Apr 16, 2013
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    I'll go ahead and add to the fender rumble suggestions. They are great bang for your buck,and either the 500 or the 200 should work for your needs. That being said, I would get out and play what i could find before buying. I love my rumble, but i also get along really well with other amps.:ninja:
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  17. Excellent, we have lots of Ampeg and Fender Rumbles here in Canada. Galient Kruger and Traynor/Yorkville are also pretty common at our music stores, would you recommend either of those?
  18. Traynor, GK, TC Electronic, Fender or Ampeg all do nice 200-500w combos in your budget. I'd lean towards Traynor as they're bomb proof and can be rented real cheap from L$M for a test drive. Ask about buying one out of the rental stock if you want to save a few $$$ or look on kijiji. Older versions called 400RB's (w/15" speakers) are everywhere as well and the only downside to these is the lousy rat fur covering that gets filthy but they almost never die.
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  19. Big Hoss

    Big Hoss Up note, down note, blue note, brown note...

    As much as I love my Rumble, and I am sure some of my fellow Rumble owners won't like me saying this, but IF I hadn't come across the Rumble V3 series and played through it, and loved it, the other contender for me was the Ampeg BA210 v2. The sound is unmistakably Ampeg, weight is about 25% greater than the Rumble, and given my back issues that is a big deal, but still workable. 50 lbs is my cut off point and this comes in just under that. The Ampeg controls are more or less the same as the Fender, except that the Fender has the pre defined "voicing" controls that let you quickly, easily, just push a button and dial in a very usable sound.

    The best advice really I can give you, or anyone looking for an amp for that matter is audition the amps you are interested in with YOUR instrument. If you can cash, or usable credit on hand, haul your bass to the the music shop and tell the owner or sales person straight up, I am ready to buy now, but I need to run through this thing to make sure it's a good fit. If they won't let you run through it, at various volume levels, walk away and go to a different shop... Don't abuse the stuff when you audition it, but put it through its paces and see if it suits your needs.
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    Oct 5, 2010
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