simple is as simple does.

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  1. GOX42


    Sep 28, 2000
    rising sun indiana
    here's the deal I think I'm a pretty good bassist and I have a good rig (peavey t-maxx head 2 4x10 peavey cabs) I have several basses at my disposal (15) I generaly take 3 to a gig.
    Anyhoo...The only bass playing friend I have is a guy who started cause a friend needed a bass player and he thought it sounded cool, He uses a Cort curbow 4stg and a peavey mark III and a 1x18 cab EQ set flat and I think he sound great. He's got a good growly tone that works for every thing his band does,meanwhile I try to sculpt my EQ and use diff. efFects. and I'm kinda pissed he doesn't put any effort into it and he sounds great.....I
    m just venting
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    Maybe you should try a more minimalist approach like his.

    I have a couple effects pedals, but I only use them for relatively small sections of songs, not to shape my tone. Most of the time it's just the sound of the amp with some low cut and sometimes mid and high boost.
  3. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    why are you annoyed about someone else achieving good tone?
    I'd be happy for them...
    maybe if you left your eq alone and the effects, and concentrated on understanding what "good tone" constitutes for you,and took the time to get to know your instrument(s) well and see how you might get the best possible tone from one of them you might be able to use your equipment in a way conducive to getting the tone you are after.
    I personally use one bass and an amp with no eq and good cable between the components.
    All very high quality stuff, but extremely simple.
    I'm happy with it
    my 2 whatever.
  4. 's the way it goes... each to his own. I had a SVT3PRO Then a Fender 300PRO with an EXTENSIVE pre amp, 2 channels, 2 chan.comp, Distort, blend 10 band Graphic..... etc... I found I was ALWAYS dialing in ONE sound- that of an SVT... so now I own an SVTII & simply plug in & play- pretty much everything FLAT!! Happy as a pig in Sh*t- I am too! ;-)
  5. GOX42


    Sep 28, 2000
    rising sun indiana
    I'm not annoyed at all I'm happy for him I'm just a lil pissed at myself. I rarely use my pedals by the way 90% of my set is just clean bass sound .I was really just venting I guess it shows that tone/sound is in the fingers. He's a good friend and is in a band I'm in as the second bass player

    I was trying to make the point that it not always about what you think you know.