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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by WilbursaurusRex, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. WilbursaurusRex

    WilbursaurusRex Supporting Member

    Aug 4, 2017
    Im looking to add a reverb to my pedals to add some space for solo playing and when I use synth effects. Im not looking to spend a ton and I really appreciate simple pedals. Two Ive considered are the TC Electronic HOF mini and the Keeley Omni Reverb. any other recommendations?
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  2. I’ve used the hardwire rv-7 and digitech polara in the past for reverb. The digitech polara has some of the sounds of the Rv-7 and some from their supernatural ambient reverb all lexicon algorithms. They are pretty cool. Sound good and aren’t too expensive. I do wish the polara had the ability to run 100% wet shimmer though. I’ve heard it can by routing the stereo cables differently but I’m not gonna unplug cables and plug them into different jacks mid show to get a different sound. I don’t own one but I’ve messed around with the tc hall of fame and I’ve also owned the flashback x4 and I honestly prefer the older nova series pedals over the toneprint series. I just think they sound better and I like how you don’t need a computer to dive deep into tweaking them. Lately I’ve been shopping for something different and am leaning more towards delay/reverb combo pedals. Trying to decide between the keeley caverns

    and the earthquaker devices avalanche run.
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  3. matante


    Nov 3, 2003
    Los Angeles
    The EHX Holy Grail Nano is very popular with pros. One switch and one knob. If you like delay you might consider the Earthquaker Dispatch Master.
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  4. giacomobass


    Dec 30, 2011


    You can find it used for relatively cheap. The nano version just doesn't sound the same. Had it, sold it.
  5. gerryjazzman


    Dec 31, 2006
    New Jersey
    After a lot of research a year or so ago I wound up with this one. Very nice sounding reverb. Heck it’s cheaper now than when I bought it.

    Biyang RV-10 Tri Reverb Stereo
  6. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I was on a similar quest a while back and ultimately snagged a HoF mini for a good price to check out figuring if I didnt love it would be easy enough to sell. Around the same time, I snagged a Nimbus also for a good price. While the Nimbus was incredible, I really was only after 1 or 2 reverb sounds - a REALLY washed out hall for ambience and a more subtle verb for when I just wanted a touch.

    The HoF mini ended up fitting the bill since it was small and fully customizable via toneprint. I selected the most washed out hall preset I could find and then edited to make it more washed out and although I couldnt get it to sound as good as the Nimbus, I got it close enough to my goal.

    The one knob is handy to dial it back 50% for a more mellow verb, but ultimately I have it going into an ES-8 switcher which allows me to set it in parallel to mt dry tone for more subtle verb and just go straight for the washed out.

    To me, w verb there really are only 2 options...basic set it and forget it (HoF mini is ideal here for size, cost, and good enough tone) or ALL the bells and whistles kinda verb that allows for presets.

    Interested to hear what you w
  7. Cracker7

    Cracker7 Supporting Member

    Jul 2, 2016
    Ballston Lake NY
    I use the EQD Dispatch Master. Delay and reverb in one pedal. Sounds so good.
  8. King Weapon

    King Weapon

    Sep 20, 2005
    Brooklyn, NY
    I'm a huge fan of the newish EHX Oceans 11. It's capable of very simple GOOD reverb sounds (hall, plate, etc) and can get plenty crazy if you ever want that down the line. And even though it has so many modes, it's very easy to use. It's not too expensive either.

    Good luck!
  9. adamaarts


    Apr 19, 2001
    Corona, CA
    Beta tester Source Audio, demos/reviews of many others
    The simplist pedal I’ve used that still sounds great is the Boss RV-6. Has a built in delay option although I wish I could pair that with the modulated reverb setting.

    I wasn’t a fan of the TC pedals, simple but something about the sound just didn’t do it for me.

    For more advanced options, the Caverns v2 is great. Takes up more space, but has a lot of great sounds for not that much more money. Avalanche Run is great too, has tap tempo, presets, tons of beautiful sounds.
  10. Alternative could be to go with a Boss DD 3 Digital Delay and set it to a short 2 repeat slap, which will give you a reverb effect.
  11. WilbursaurusRex

    WilbursaurusRex Supporting Member

    Aug 4, 2017
    A lot of great suggestions here! Id like to stay under 150. Ill check out the oceans 11 and rv6
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