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    Joe P

    Jul 15, 2004
    Milwaukee, WI
    I've been working on fretboard tapping off-and-on for a couple years now.

    Here's a recent recording of me playing with the band Funk University.

    In this one, I never pluck a note; it's all tapped.

    I decided to tap this one because of the tone that I get, and because of the groove that seems to fall into place so nicely. I'm using both hands; the low-notes are played with the left, and the higher ones - along with the little arpeggios - played with the right. Sometimes I'm sliding up with octaved (and occasional fifth-harmony) double-stops. I'm muting-out the notes with my right wrist, but there's also twin hair-scrunchy mutes - one on about the second fret, and one on the third. Does it Take (small).mp3

    I'm planning on doing more tapping. I really like how this part grooved.

    I thought this might be valuable for presentation and discussion because tapping often seems so intimidating, and I wanted to point-out that tapping doesn't have to be used only for fast or 'flashy' parts; that it's useful for more simple, conventional bass lines also.

    (edit): Oh! I should mention that when I do the double-stop slides, then I'm crossing my left hand over, and playing the higher-note with the left; and whipping back quick to get it into position for the low notes again - but there's a wrist-mute in there to give me enough time to do it during the rest-beat. It all really worked-out perfect for this song, I think.


    ('nuther edit) ..and another thing: I'm using TONS of compression; a Boss CS-3, followed by Aphex Big Bottom (Bass Xciter).

    (other-'nuther edit) Sheesh... Ninety views over three days, and not a single response. I would'a sworn this would be valuable or interesting or something to someone...

    Man, is that demoralizing.

    (Another other-'nuther edit) Well: here we are, one month later, with well-over a hundred reads, but no comment back. Ohhhh, yeah.