Since Music Stores Have Reopened...

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  1. What have you played?
    Are you thinking of buying anything in a brick and mortar store?

    Since the music stores have reopened here, in New York, I've been to Sam Ash, Manhattan twice, and Sam Ash, Queens twice.

    I was in Manhattan again, today and played a few basses.
    1.) A Squire 50s Precision.
    2.) A Schecter CV-5.
    3.) An Ernie Ball Old Smoothie.

    The Squire was very nice, with a vintage tone, and a nice neck. Sometimes, simplicity is the best.

    I tortured myself by playing the Ernie Ball Old Smoothie again. I've played this bass five times; three times before the lockdown, and twice since the stores reopened. This bass is so nice in tone and feel.
    But at $1,799, it's a little steep for me at this time.

    This brings us to the Schecter CV-5.

    This is probably one of the most little known and underrated basses on the market today.
    Two Fender-like pickups that will give you a very convincing P-bass tone, and much more. Each pickup has 3 tones, and can be mixed and matched via a 3 way switch. Very comfy Fender-like neck. $699.

    I'm really thinking of picking one up, but self control prevailed today.

    So, what have you played recently?

    Does anyone here have a CV-5 or 4?

    Life seems a little more normal now that I can walk into a music store and take something off the wall.

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  2. A few photos.
    The Ernie Ball Old Smoothie 20200308_164004~2.jpg
    The Schecter CV-5
    CV-5 BASS NAT TILT~3.png

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