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  1. If there are any diet soda drinkers, beware. The sweetener aspartame is a killer. There has been research done on aspartame wich shows that aspartame at a temperature of 87*F actually starts to turn into the chemical fermaldahide, which is what we use to keep dead bodies from rotting. Seeing as to how our bodies temperatures usually stay at a stable 98 degrees, the aspartame we are injesting is turning into fermaldahide which is not only a cause of cancer but put plainly a poison. So if you don't die from cancer, you will die sooner then your normal lifespan. We cannot tell how much sooner yet, but I'm guessing depending on how much you drink it could be possible to take of 30 to 50 years off yoru life from injesting so much fermaldahide. If you don't believe do your own research... the stuff tastes like sh*t anyways.
  2. atleast we keep from rotting :D
  3. Yes, that is true, but most soda companies today use a different type of fake sugar that doesn't have this side effect plus it taste better. I believe only generic brands like the grocery store diet sodas only have this in it. But I am a fan of Diet soda since regular pop will eventually kill you in the long run with all the fat and carbs it has in it, and I don't like coffee so this is my source of caffeine on the go.


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    just drink regular in moderation (such as only at meals). that way you get the good taste w/o risk of personal harm :)
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    OK some reality check here.

    Diet sodas contain aspartame. They all do, as far as I know.

    All this stuff about aspartame decomposing into harmful chemicals in the body is complete myth. There are 10,000,000 websites devoted to expounding the dangers of aspartame, and they're all based on rumors and anecdotes that they got from the other 9,999,999 websites.

    Though half the sources you'll find will say it turns into formaldehyde, and half will say methanol. Do you really think, if it were that simple, it would be FDA approved? If aspartame is really dangerous (which, in the incredibly small amounts found in diet soda, I doubt it is), it would not be FDA approved. Now, the FDA isn't perfect, and not immune to corruption, but it's the subtle things you have to worry about, people.

    Running around telling people that diet sodas are deadly - when you personally have no idea what you're talking about - there's just no excuse for that. You can't even spell formaldehyde correctly. Get a clue.
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    When in doubt, Snope it!

  7. haha, thats a sweet site Brendan
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    Has anyone ever actually died from this supposed formaldehyde poisoning? If so, did they're bodies decompose? You could have yourself a year long game of "Weekend at Bernies"......
  9. *gets an idea reading the weekend at bernies thing*

    *runs to the store*

    *buys some diet coke (and regular coke for me) and calls friend over for a "drinking contest" hehehe :ninja: *
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    Wasn't weekend at bernies 2 supposed to take place a year after the first one?

    what was their explanation why the corpse was still intact?

    was there ever a weekend at bernies 3?

    as for aspartane, yeah, the small quantities in diet soda would probably make it relatively harmless, even if it is very harmful, that doesn't mean it can't be FDA approved, worse things have gotten under their nose, or just walked right past them.
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    All except for Diet RC and Diet Rite. They contain sucralose, which is made from sugar, among other things, but it has no calories, no carbs and no nutritional value.
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    I don't know about aspartame causing cancer, tumors or death, but it gives me a wicked headache, and tastes like crap.
  13. Gotta die somehow... :D



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    :D thats great man, same here.
  15. I agree Jeff. Gimme Coke!