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  1. ramy

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    Hey there,

    I'm in a metalband called Zythum, we are going great, have our own repertoire and well, just everything we could possibly need. Except for a singer! Why are singers so hard to find.

    We've looked on the internet, in newspapers and everywhere but there isn't a singer that fits our description. Are we doing something wrong? Or do we miss something?

    Maybe you guys have some advice for us?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. jdieh1

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    Nov 28, 2007
    Queensland, Australia
    Try to sing yourselves?
  3. Shaun_Bass0

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    Aug 11, 2008
    Berkshire, UK
    What kinda metal?. All I would say from past experience is don't limit yourselves to a genre, ie dont only look for guys who scream, or only guys who sing like dickinson or dio for example.

    Or you could get both extremes, a la 3 inches of blood..there is an awesome band!
  4. ramy

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    Sing ourselves? I don't know, we're a three man band at the moment. As far as I know we can't really sing. But I could propose it to them.

    We don't limit ourself to one genre. We play metal because we like it. What kind of metal doesn't really matter. As long as we all like it it's cool. So if a progressive metal singer would come to us ofcourse we would give him a chance. But also if a grunter or screamer comes we would give him a chance. We just can't find a singer near us, who likes metal and who is our age.
  5. T-Bird

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    +1 for sing Yourselves. Most of the popular (good ;)) artists "can't" sing in the strict sense, but it still sounds wonderful.

    It does take tremendous work and dedication but IME it's worth it ;).

  6. Shaun_Bass0

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    Aug 11, 2008
    Berkshire, UK
    Dude, sorry you got me wrong!. I didnt mean your limiting yourselves by playing metal, quite the opposite in fact where metal is concerned as its one of the most progressive forms of music out there.

    All I meant was that i've screwed myself in the past by only looking for one particular thing in a prospective band member(s) and was just trying to pass the advice on to not fall foul of that like I did.

    Good luck in your search

  7. ramy

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    We are taking the singing ourselves into consideration. Is it very hard to sing while playing bass? I haven't really tried it. Ever.
  8. Deacon_Blues


    Feb 11, 2007
    It's doable, but the difficulty varies greatly from song to song. You need to practice it a lot, and sometimes simplify what you play. There's been millions of threads on the subject here, so search and look for tips. Also read the sticky in this forum about singing. If you have the opportunity, I'd also recommend singing lessons.
  9. T-Bird

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    I agree completely with my fellow countryman above, it varies from tune to tune. The number of the tunes I CAN'T sing grealy exeeds the ones I can.

    If walking and chewing gum at the same time produces unbearable problems in either I'd say forget it, otherwise go for it ;).

    One thing to always remember: No matter how strange Your voice sounds (and it will) when amplified, that's the voice everyone else has put up with all this time so don't be scared about that.

  10. Busker

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    Jan 22, 2007
    "Um, what kind of music do you usually have here?"

    "Oh, we have both kinds. Country and Western."

    Yeah, what he was saying was, don't necessarily limit yourself to metal. IOW, you might find a great alt rock singer, and you may not want to let him slip away, but instead learn or write some alt rock songs for that singer, you know....