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Single 210 Cabs or 1x12" Mini Stacks Which Throw Best

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Olympus, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. EA NL210

  2. Epifani UL210

  3. Bergantino HT210S

  4. Eden 210XST

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  5. Sadowsky SA210

  6. Eden 210XLT

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  7. Acme B2

  8. Bergantino HT112 / EX112

  9. Epifani UL112 / UL112

  10. EA Wizzy 12 / Wizzy 12

  11. Bergantino IP112 / EX112

  12. Others

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  1. Hi

    Would like to hear opinions and real "live" experiences of which of the following single 210 cabs or 1x12 mini-stacks throw their sound out the best. In other words which is going to have a better chance at being felt and heard with a nice tight, full but articulate sound from the back of an average size club. (200-300 people);

    Assume all 210 cabs are 4 ohms.
  2. godspeed68

    godspeed68 i'm here for the sound

    Mar 24, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    Well I'll take the first stab I guess. Out of all the cabs you've mentioned, a lot of them are awesome, especially the 210S. But youre questioning how efficiently a cab moves power to the audience. IMHO, that is why Bergantino designed the IP series. For example, you could have an HT322 (not in the list, i know) which, if i remember correctly, wants 800 clean watts going through it. If you don't feed it correctly, it's not going to do its job. But, if fed the meat and potatoes (or spicy mock duck for you vegans) will do every bit of the good job you would like it to.

    The IP cabinets are good because they eliminate your ability to make a choice, oddly enough. The poweramp is put in for you. Jim is sayin, hey, here are my cabs, and here is how it needs to be fed, we'll leave the character of the sound (preamp/pedals/etc etc) up to you.

    I'd go with the IP series, I've heard the 310 and its amazing, and I'll bet every piece of gear I own that the rest of the line is as well.

    Alright, thats my two cents, time to check on the laundry.

    good luck,

  3. Those options are all very different sounding, and have hugely different pricing. I would think the IP stack would be the 'loudest', but might not be your sound, and that stack can sound very different depending on which preamp you use.... and the choice and matching can be complicated. It is also about twice as expensive as the other options combined with a decent head.

    For price/generally usable tone/size/weight, etc., it's the EA NL210 in 4 ohm version with a good head (iAmp500/Thunderfunk) all the way for me! Light, loud, punchy and warm.

    I own an HT210s, and that and the Sadowsky210 would be low on my list for a stand alone cab to cover a loud gig. Nice sounding, but the low end projection is reduced IME due to the very thin design. They are heavy also.

    The Epi210UL and 2x 112UL stack are also great for lightweight and loud. The 310UL should be considered also, since it's lighter than the Eden210's, not much bigger, and only 47 pounds. It's a GREAT cab.

    The Eden210XST also sounds nice, but is larger and heavier than the others on your list. The XLT would be low on my list... large, heavy, and too mid oriented for my sound.

    The Wizzy stack is loud, but would be 2 ohms and does not have a tweeter, so again, very different sound and power requirement than the others.

    Finally, the Acme210 will be provide LOTS of low end, but is not particularly loud (the loud, low, small... pick two rule).

  4. alexclaber

    alexclaber Commercial User

    Jun 19, 2001
    Brighton, UK
    Director - Barefaced Ltd
    'Throw' is a misnomer. The sound from any direct radiator (i.e. non-horn) is loudest right by the cab and diminishes in volume according to acoustic principles as you move away from the cab - irregardless of it being sealed or ported (and where the ports are located).

    If you want to 'cut' through the mix on-stage you're generally best served by cabs with a midrange hump, whilst if you want to be felt at the back of the room you'd be better off with a cab with serious bottom.

    How you position and EQ your rig has more bearing on your sucess in this matter than what rig you use, assuming you're comparing similarly sized/priced gear.

  5. +1 on the above.... if throw is your main concern (i.e., the ability to cut through a mix and be heard on a large loud gig with a small box)... NOTHING does that better than the Schroeder 1212L IMO.... however, the price you pay is a very low mid oriented voicing... but with 500+ watts, the 1212L will cover the largest gig you could imagine.
  6. I know for sure that a cab like the Bergantino HT322 (I own one) given the right amount of juice can be felt and heard with a very nice punch and tone from the back of the room. But, you would expect it to with that configuration, size, weight and voicing.

    However, out of the smaller cabs I thought maybe the Eden210XST and the Acme B2 would have a better chance at being felt with a nice full tone from the back of the room because they go a lot deeper and are fuller in the bottom end than the other cabs.
    Any thoughts on that ?
    I am happy with my 4 ohm NL210 and it seems to throw the sound out fairly well (isn't that the idea behind a transmission line design ?) but was wondering if there is a better 210 cab or mini stack at generating a full punchy sound that can be felt and heard from the back of the room.

    Price and weight not to be taken into account.
  7. Actually, from my understanding of transmission line design, and from the information on the EA website, the TL design results in the ability of the cab to be tuned 'lower' than its size would allow with a traditional port, resulting in more low bass. In some ways, this results in less throw (if you are describing throw as volume into the room in a busy mix). IME, the lower you tune a small cab, the fuller it will sound near field, but the less punchy tone will be projected into a room at moderate to high volumes.

    The Acme accomplishes the same thing (more low bass than you would expect from a small cab) in a different way... but using a woofer designed to reproduce very low frequencies (high x max, or whatever) and then 'making up for' the lack of mids produced by that 'sub woofer' type speaker by adding a mid driver. Actually, the older EA VL models combined both of these designs (TLine and three way with 'sub woofer' type driver).

    IME, the Acme would give you more low end than the NL 210, but not more volume out in the room IMO. The Eden 210's are very different sounding, but IMO you would lose more than you would gain.
  8. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    North central Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    Based upon your statement, above, I would go with the IP112/EX112, without a doubt. In the unpowered cab realm, if you are happy with your 4 ohm NL-210, I would see little benefit in making a change at this point.

  9. alexclaber

    alexclaber Commercial User

    Jun 19, 2001
    Brighton, UK
    Director - Barefaced Ltd
    There are a couple of things which you can do to help throw the sound without getting into using horn-loaded cabs. The first is to get your bass rig right back into corner of the room - this causes the room to become somewhat horn like plus it ensures maximum boundary reinforcement which together equals maximum bass down the room.

    The second thing, which makes a remarkable difference, is to use a tall thin stack of speakers, like two vertically aligned 2x10" cabs on top of each other. I use this 'line-array' with a pair of Acme Low-B2 cabs at gigs and it really launches your sound down the room without blasting band members on stage.

    I don't think you can do better than your NL210 if size and weight matter. If they don't, then get another one and stack them vertically.

  10. Thx Guys for your input.

    I'd like to hear from a few more so BUMP.
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