Single cab solution for DB112 stack

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    Sep 19, 2002
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    Hey there, just curious if there is a LIGHTWEIGHT, SINGLE DRIVER (maybe dual driver), COMPACT, EASY SCHLELPABLE alternative to my DB112 stack (one with tweet, one w/o).

    FWIW, I like my DB stack....really have no need to sell it. *Just chasing the purple dragon. *Well, one thing I dislike about the DB stack is off axis perception. I wish the sound was the same when standing in front of the cab as it would be standing off to the side or several feet away from the front. That's my only complaint about the DB stack.

    I have tried one "super 12" cab. *I owned a pair of Baer ML112's. *90% of the time, I just used one. *I am contemplating selling the DB stack and re-purchasing one ML112. *FWICR, the DB's have a more pillowy low end.....but the Baer's just have something more organic and natural everywhere else. *The Baer's do not have the pillowy bottom of the DB's. *However, the ML's can take some punishing EQ curves that most cabs/drivers cant. *So EQ'ing in some extra bottom "shouldn't be a problem if need be. My only real concern is if one ML112 can truly replace a DB112 stack in regards to volume and booty factor? *A 2nd Baer could be purchased down the road if need be. The more awkward box shape negate any weight difference between one ML and one DB, so schlelp factor is a wash for me. Just curious if want to go down this road again....a used pair of DB's is roughly the same price for one new ML. What to do?

    TC112....I just got one. *It will be my practice cab. *So far, I can already tell it will be a waay easier schlelp to and from practice that using one, or both, of my DB's has been. *I love its compact size and super light weight form factor. *I have no experience sonically with the cab yet as I JUST got it....but again, still wonder if this cab can replace a stack of DB's. *With this cab, I am stuck with only using one as none of my power is 2ohm capable. *This is why I am delegating it to rehearsal duty...1 cab, easy schlepp, light weight, powerful.....a one trip carry is easily doable for practice. I don't know I'd this cab is able to replace a stack of 112's. My guy tells me I'm right. question is, what cab (if it exists) can replace a dual 112 setup. What other options do I have. FWIW, my main amp is an Aguilar TH500. Tone goals are "modern vintage". Don't need ear bleeding spl and booty.....just want to have a one cab replacement for bar/club gigs. Am I chasing a purple dragon or does this cab really exist.

    PS. A sale of my DB stack should yield about $800. I can throw in a few extra bills. So my budget is about a $1k. Also, I drive a I need to get this in/out of the back seat or hatch back area. Thanks.
  2. No 112 will replace a 2X112 stack. You might audition the G-K NEO112 II though (30 lbs IIRC). They have become very popular for sound, easy transport and good price point.
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    IMO, it is simply unrealistic to expect any 1x12 cab to function as an equivalent replacement for any 2x12 cab. It simply is.

    There's your problem. Unrealistic expectations... :eyebrow:

  4. g4string

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    Sep 19, 2002
    Melissa, TX
    Perhaps. But with all the new fearless, greenboy, glasstone, crazy eight, audiokinesis, etc stuff out there I was curious of there's something I missed.

    Per my original post, I'm not opposed to a dual driver set up though. Multiple 8's, 212, 210, 12//6, 15/16, etc etc. However, the goal is to keep what ever cab, whatever the driver configuration, in a single (or oversized single) enclosure. Maybe I'm asking too much from physics.