single piece of alder in les paul shape... can i use it?

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  1. i've got this guitar project i started years ago, took a big single piece of alder and cut it into a standard les paul shape... same size ,dimensions, etc.
    then i got into bass. can i use this wood in the shape as it is now, and ou guyjust build it into a bass instead of a guitar? it's good wood, should be solid through and through, nothing's been routed yet but i'm not sure if it will support bass tension.
    what do you guys think?
  2. Worked for Gibson! (not necessarily all alder though). The Triumph was a good bass.

    Being able to take the tension is really a question of how solid your neck is, (e.g. woods/wood?, lamination?, quality of neck joint?).

    IME, it may be kind of "light" or "airy" sounding since it's all alder and smaller than a Fender alder body. But the right neck wood(s) and fingerboard wood should balance that.

    Also, since the instrument's body is guitar-size with a light wood, you may find it's a floor diver. Personally, this doesn't bother me, but a lot of people don't seem to like it.

    If you go ahead, please let us know how it turns out.
  3. floor diver? i'm not sure if i understand exactly what you're talking about there, but i do think i know what you mean by a lighter sound. it'll probably have crisper highs and mids, so if i put in all active pickups (maybe a full EMG system) with a rosewood or ebony fingerboard and a strong neck, i could probably come up with a bass that's really strong for slap and soloing.
    ideas, ideas.
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    Floor diver means it has awful neck dive, has there is no counter balance from the A) poor strap button placement options on a les paul style body and B) the neck'll weigh it down.

    Again, hey from the SA msg boards, MrWr0ng.
  5. If it is long enought to install a neck on and still have the bridge in the right place you should be fine. Carvin sell Alder body blanks and they seem to work OK from the few projects I have seen. I think that bridge placement will be your biggest problem.