SOLD Sire 2nd Generation Marcus Miller V9 Ash 5-String with Ebony Fretboard 2019 Natural

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    This listing is from my reverb listing. I'm sure the talkbass community doesn't need the specs on this but since they are on my reverb listing and I just cut and pasted the text they are here below. Here is the deal:
    Buyer can pay via PayPal or Venmo. I will ship the bass fully insured and packaged extremely well via FedEx so everyone is protected in this transaction. Any other questions please let me know. Here is me reverb listing below and the link so you can access the pics from my reverb listing:

    Sire 2nd Generation Marcus Miller V9 Ash 5-String with Ebony Fretboard 2019 Natural | Shaun's Gear Depot | Reverb

    I'm selling my mint condition Sire V9 Ash 5 String bass. I am selling off everything that I own that doesn't get played much to reduce the heard. I have a V7 listed as well as a few G&Ls, etc... This bass is fantastic and I'm selling it simply because I went a little Sire crazy and literally bought too many of them. This bass only weights between 7.2-9 lbs and is extremely light in comparison to every other 5 string bass I own. This in and of itself is rare for any 5 string bass like this. All I have to weigh it with is 2 digital bathroom scales so I am giving a range because my scale seems to jump around. If your looking for an incredible sounding light 5 string this is your ticket. I am selling off the ones I don't play much and keeping a handful of the ones I do. This bass is about as mint as it gets. You'll be challenged to find a blemish on it....I take care of my instruments and this one didn't get played much so it's essentially new. I play mainly the V7 and P7.

    Here is the deal. I am selling it without a case however since I have so many Sire's I can sell it with a sire gig bag for an additional $50. I am accepting offers for that reason and know that I am selling this bass for a great price so please no low ball offers here. Also, since I bought mine in July of 2020 it is a 2nd generation with the better bridge saddles. Sire recently changed all the saddles to Fender like ones and the square ones on mine are definitely better than what the current production of V9s comes with. I will ship the bass packaged extremely well and fully insured through FedEx. If you have any questions please let me know.

    Here are the specs just for reference. If your looking at Sire's you probably likely understand that these basses are an incredible value and honestly one of the best sounding basses in this price range out there.

    About This Listing
    • Really implemented new interpretation of the classic J bass
    • Built in Swamp Ash with a courved Solid Maple Top and Quilted Veneer
    • Neck made with One-Piece Canadian maple and Ebony Fingerboard
    • The active Heritage-3 pickup system offers a wealth of sound options
    • Marcus Miller Premium Jazz Bass pickup set made with US Coil

    Marcus Miller V9 Swamp Ash is a 5-string bass, based on a traditional jazz bass design which Sire has developed in collaboration with the American bassist and composer Marcus Miller.
    Most of us know Marcus Miller as bassist for Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, David Sanborn and George Benson, or as a composer for, among others, Jay-Z, but what many do not immediately know that Marcus Miller has also been a driving force in the development and production of electric basses, and in this connection he has been used by many reputable manufacturers such as Fender and Sadowsky. now, he has merged with Sire to develop and produce a whole new range of electric basses, which has received an impressive reception of bassists and critics.

    The body is made of ash wood, which is known to produce a well-balanced sound that is resonant and provides a good balance with a comfortable treble, solid base and subdued middle tone.
    The top plate of the body is covered with a courved Solid Maple Top and Quilted Veneer over the Alder/Ash body. The Solid Maple Top produces a rich, clear, and vibrant tone. In addition, the sharp and luxurious wood pattern of the Quilted Veneer has improved the quality of the design

    The neck is made with One Piece of Canadian maple, which, through its hardness and strength, minimizes movement in the neck and provides a stable and good playing experience, and together with the ebony fingerboard made of very dense wood, it delivers clear, crisp and well rounded sound.

    The Sire Marcus Miller V9 bass is equipped with newly designed Marcus Miller SIRE Bridge, specially developed to Marcus Miller’s request. This bridge has the characteristics of vintage jazz bass with heavy mass saddle. This combination produces a rich and punchy sound. New Marcus Miller Bridge is a string-thru body bridge mechanism that allows for more tighter, accurate and stable tone.

    Nut is one of the most important parts of the guitar that influences the performance, playability, and tone of the instrument. Although bone nut is more costly and harder to work with, Sire has chosen not to compromise on this point and has fitted the Marcus Miller V9 with a bone Nut.
    Marcus Miller Premium Jazz Bass pickup set is an upgraded pickup version made with USA coil in order to reproduce the traditional vintage jazz bass sound. This pickup is made with fiber bobbin and alnico 5 magnets and also USA coil magnet wire that is also made in US. Marcus Miller Premium Jazz Bass pickup sets offer the bassist to experience a rich and strong original vintage jazz bass sound. 

    The pickup's is mounted side by side and wired to Sire's Marcus Heritage 3 preamplifier. By using of 2 pcs. 9V batteries enable the bass player to get a strong and powerful signal without the sound being pressed or unnatural. With a built-in 3-band EQ with bass, mid-tone and tweeter tone control, you get full control over your tone range, allowing you to customize bass sound for any music style. The mid-tone control has built-in sweep, so you can decide where in the mid-range area (200 Hz to 1 kHz) the mid-range check should take place.
    With this pickup and wiring technique, your're able to create both the special tone from the precision bass along with vintage sound from the jazz bass.

Material : Swamp Ash + Solid Maple Top + Quilted Veneer
Shape : New Marcus Miller Jazz Type
Color : Ash Body NT
Pickguard : None
Material : 1 Piece Hardmaple
Shape : C-Shape
Scale : 34”
Neck Joint : 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate
Material : Ebony
Radius : 7’25”
Frets : Medium Small, 20 Frets
String Nut : Natural Bone 38mm width(4 string), 45mm width(5 string)
Binding : 1 ply Ivory
Inlay : WH Pearloid Block
Pickups : Marcus Super Jazz set
Preamp : Marcus Heritage- 3 with Middle Frequency Control
Controls : Volume / Tone (Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive )
knob : Modern Black Plastic
Bridge : Marcus Miller Heavy Mass Standard
Tuning Gear : Sire Premium Open-Gear
Hardware Finish : Chrome
    And here are the improvements over the 1st gen just in case you weren't aware:

    Improvements over the original V9 (series 1) are: new and improved pickups, satin finish at the back of the neck, 9.5" radius (instead of 7.5"), Medium jumbo frets (instead of Small frets), Rolled fingerboard edges (we love that), ash wood battery cover (instead of plastic). Oh yes, and the pickup cover is now included both in the 4 & 5 string models.
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    The bass weighs 5.2 lbs?

    It doesn’t come with a case but “We have included an Original gigbag”?
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    I just weighed it again and got 3 different weights so I decided to give a range here. This bass is the lightest 5 string I own even lighter the the mahogany V3 I have. With that said I apologize for any confusion. Also, I updated the listing to be accurate about the gig bag because I did use the specs off of another listing so I didn't have to retype them all on my reverb posting.
  4. Still available? Pics?
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    It just sold a few days ago. Sorry man! I’ll update the listing now to sold.